E8: Jonathan Ying on designing Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid, Star Wars Imperial Assault +More

I spoke with Jonathan Ying all about his time as a designer at Fantasy Flight Games, Renegade Games and as an independent publisher. He's designed Star Wars:......

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Supporter7 months ago

This is going to be a fun watch!

Supporter7 months ago

Watching this right now! His personality oozed out even just through the written interview with me, so I was really looking forward to see him in this. Great interview and I love how personable he is and the passion he has for his work. We really need to give Bargain Quest a try one of these days :)

Edit: Also, great job Trent! I could see how you were really warming up into the interview process around the halfway mark. Liked the follow-up questions and how you guys were finding common grounds as designers.

Supporter7 months ago

Finally had time to watch this! What a great guy. He seems so passionate and fun. I had to stop myself from running out and buying Bargain Quest and Power Rangers. 

7 months ago

A bigger box for Bargain Quest!? I would have loved that for mine haha But I was able to fit the Black Market expansion into my *smaller* base game box, so it's all good :)  I'm glad he added more players to be honest. I've played with three and six and I really liked the six-player count.

"Star Wars fans can be mean." hahaha SO TRUE! Which is a shame.

He said he was writing a fantasy novel and my respect for him went WAY up haha 

I love how he said that just because it's fun to design doesn't mean it's fun to play. Very poignant. 

Great interview, Trent. Very engaging and now I want to play Bargain Quest again...and I want to try Power Rangers now haha

Supporter7 months ago

I can see that you really enjoyed this interview Ben, that's awesome. You're making me look forward to watching this tonight even more!

7 months ago

I watch it/listen to it and type up comments as they come haha I loved how candid he was, too.

Supporter7 months ago

Interesting review. It got me more interested in Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid and Bargain Quest

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