Tome of Beasts II for 5th Edition: 400 New Monsters

Kobold Press is releasing a massive new tome of original 5th Edition monsters for dungeons & keeps: dragons, demons, undead, and far beyond. It's a follow-up to the original Tome of Beasts that's over an inch thick and more than 3 pounds, with full-color illustrations and well laid out pages. For anyone who doesn't own the first Tome of Beasts, here are two sample pages:  

Tome of Beasts II will bring 400 new monsters to 5th Edition, from angelic enforcers, sasquatch and shriekbats, to psychic vampires, zombie dragons, and much more. You can get this high-quality, art-heavy, playtest-honed, rules-crunchy volume of 5th Edition monsters in PDF form for $25, or a hardcover book with a PDF for $50. 

Supporters at the $25 level and up can submit an original monster design for possible publication, and you have the option to playtest and be included in the credits, so check out the campaign before it ends on Friday, February 21, 2020.

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About Tome of Beasts II

Tome of Beasts II has a team of experienced 5E monster designers working to bring you innovative content that will challenge new players and veterans alike.

Also available in this campaign is Tome of Beasts II Lairs. It provides quick, one-map encounters with creatures from the Tome of Beasts II. Playable as standalones, each lair describes a mini-adventure with hazards, terrain maps, adventure hooks, and more.

Tome of Beasts II will be available in a limited edition run with a leatherette cover, foil title and spine stamps, and ribbon bookmarks. This edition will be produced to order; pledges for this edition will not be accepted after the Kickstarter ends.

A handbound leather edition will also be created, in an edition of roughly 25 copies. Pledges for this edition will not be accepted after the Kickstarter ends.

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Besides producing the book in hardcover and PDF, Kobold Press will provide in-depth digital support for this book with Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds. You can add either a Roll20 or a Fantasy Grounds license to any other pledge using the pledge manager during the survey stage.

A new set of monster pawns, the Tome of Beasts II Pawn Set, is available as an add-on for $30.

If you don't yet have the earlier books, you can add Tome of Beasts as a hardcover or Pocket Edition, the Creature Codex, and other add-ons with BackerKit.

New stretch goals are still being unlocked and there are many different pledge options to choose from, so be sure to check it out before it ends on Friday, February 21, 2020.

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