The West Kingdom Tomesaga - Sneak Peak of Cover Art


Mihajlo (the artist behind the North Sea and the West Kingdom trilogies) shared this on his page! This should be similar to #The North Sea Runesaga Expansion which aimed to tie in all of the games in the North Sea trilogy. I've heard that one felt like an afterthought but seeing that Shem and Sam continue to build on their past experiences, I wonder how this one will be.

If anything, I'm excited to try out #Architects of the West Kingdom once it arrives soon! Also curious how #Viscounts of the West Kingdom's Kickstarter campaign will be. I don't back Kickstarters in general but I do like Garphill Games' practices and enjoy seeing their growing success in the industry.

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9 months ago

I am looking forward to Viscounts and may decide to back it if I get a peak at the gameplay ahead of time.  All of their games appear to be great.

Supporter9 months ago

If they were planning this from the beginning it might work. But, I am afraid it will look very bolted together. 

Supporter9 months ago

I love the idea of this but it doesn’t seem like it’s all too practical.  Maybe it feels like it could be too long for my group.  Or feel too forced to put all game together.  The idea sounds really good but it seems like it would be hard to actually put the idea into practice.

9 months ago

Art looks great as always. My friend bought Runesaga and we never played with it. I'm personally looking for more "play a game" games and less campaigns or linking gameplays together games. I'm sure it will be quality, just not for me.

9 months ago

That's where I'm at too. It's definitely a notable achievement if they can do it well, just not one for me :/

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