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Came across this giveaway, I have wanted to play Spirit Island for ages!


Best of luck to you all :)

Obviously Spirit Island flips this on it's head by making the colonist the 'enemy' but is there a game where you found the theme or what you were doing as a player a little too distasteful for you to want to play the game?

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Premium User12 months ago

It's a great game! 

I had an interesting and somewhat relevant chat with the guy at my local game store.  I visit there on my work lunch hour quite often as it's across the street right next to the Starbucks. 

He and I were talking about game suggestions and whatnot.  He mentioned a lady came in with her kid looking for games that had non-white people as the heroes.  It wasn't about hating white people but it was about wanting her kids to have a game that represented them the way that many games represent white people.  

As a parent myself I can totally see wanting to do that.  We both thought about it but there isn't much that met her needs.  The closest we could come up with was spirit island.  The spirits aren't non-white per se but it's one of the few games where the Europeans are the antagonists.   I doubt it's quite what she was looking for though.

I have hope for the future though because of parents like that who show their kids that it's valuable to seek out something that represents you the way you want to be represented.  There might not be a lot out there right now, and I know this is NOT the most pressing concern right now, but I have hope that the future will have a lot of interesting variety for us gamers.  

Supporter12 months ago

There are a few games with a theme that explores different cultures like #Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar and #Teotihuacan: City of Gods but there really aren't any heroes perse. There's also #Freedom: The Underground Railroad, with a theme that is pretty relevant right now. But I can't think of any simpler or more accessible games for kids or otherwise. 

Premium User12 months ago

Those are great suggestions for sure but I agree they aren't quite hitting the target.  Great ideas though!

Freedom: The Underground Railroad would be an interesting one.  I wonder if it would have hit the mark for her or not? 

12 months ago

That's really sad, hopefully it is slowly getting better though. Although it tends to be that it is still always at least half white/male with representation making up the other half. Would be positive to see some more games with majority of female or BAME characters.

12 months ago

Board game companies are stuck between a rock and a hard place. If they make a game set in culture not their own, they are shouted at for cultural appropriation (especially if they make any missteps, Cf. Manitoba). If they make it about the culture they are from (referring here to the vast majority of companies), they don't have enough diversity in their settings. 

12 months ago

I can understand why it might seem that way, but I feel like much of the objection is usually when a people feel like a designer/company has mearly slapped on part of a culture (usually the aesthetic) without taking any time to understand the relevance of a particular word or custom etc. Similarly, the cultures they are from usually have plenty of diversity present and usually had diversity present in the past if it is a historical game. I also think even if you are setting it in a mono-ethnic geohistorcal setting, very few games are historical accurate enough for that to need to be a hill worth dying on. Have female soldiers, have various races present, it's likely to only be one of hundreds of historical inaccuracies. Alternatively, if you do want to have that (if it would be insensitive not to) then it never hurts to address that somewhere in the rulebook/in the game. 

Supporter12 months ago

It’s undeniably a great game but one that I just didn’t click with. Which I still to this day find incredibly frustrating. There seems like so many reasons for me to like it... but I just don’t. 

12 months ago

That's a shame, sometimes happens with games though. I really admire a lot of the design of #Photosynthesis but I've just never quite clicked with it.

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