3D Printing Games


Hey all, 

I've had a 3D printer for a few years and make a variety of mods and additions to my games. 
Ships for Twilight Imperium, Order tokens for Infinity even a whole Catan Tileset (which I started but have yet to finish.)

Just interested to know if others are getting into that here?

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Owner15 months ago

I just saw some amazing looking 3D printed component sets and accessories for games that got me interested in it for the first time. What's the cost to get into it?

Owner15 months ago

I've seen several people here post on 3D printing before, like: remaat, zerotozero, and 1nf1n1ty (there isn't a way to tag users for them to get notified)!

Edit: Welcome to the forum by the way! Will be running weekly giveaways soon so keep on the lookout for an announcement.

Premium User15 months ago

I have considered it but it sounds like it requires a lot of fiddling at this point. 

For me I’ll wait until I can load the machine download a file and just hit print to get a perfect result.