Board Game Fight Club Podcast: The Launch!

Hey Y'all!

Mikey D from Board Game Fight Club. We have officially launched the podcast. I am super nervous and excited to share our content with you all here. We put in a lot of work into this but are definitely still green. I would greatly appreciate any feedback. You can find us on our website On Facebook, twitter, and instagram @bgfccast and on Spotify! 

Welcome to the Board Game Fight Club Podcast! The panel show that pits two board games head to head.

New episodes are released every week where you can find podcasts. Find us on Libsyn, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @bgfccast

Your host Mikey D and the panel of judges play and critique two board games and crown one as the CHAMP

Each game is critiqued based on 5 criteria

  • Charisma (theme/components/art)
  • How it plays (mechanics/gameplay)
  • Ability to learn (Learning Curve)
  • Makes it to the table (replayability)
  • Phun (overall fun)

The judges give each game a score of 0-2 for reach criteria, for a maximum of 10 points. The 3 judges announce their score card, and a CHAMP is crowned.

Every week 2 board games related in theme, mechanics, or both will go head to head.


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18 months ago

Sounds like a great way to judge games!

but .... are we allowed to talk about this fight club?

18 months ago

Hahah! Yes! This isnt the same club that Ed Norton is in. Feel free to invite your friends. If you decide to take the time to listen, i'd love to hear your thoughts, feel free to PM me.

Supporter18 months ago

How cool! I'm listening to the first episode now.

18 months ago

Thanks Trent, any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Supporter18 months ago

I like the main content and structure of the "battle" between the two games. I'll give you more feedback in a PM though.