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My favorite game to solo.


My favorite game to play solo, happens to be my number new 1 game of all time as well. This is #Star Trek: Frontiers. Some of you may be familiar with #Mage Knight, if you are familiar with MK than you are familiar with STF. STF is simply MK reskinned into a Star Trek Universe.

The specs on the box are: 1-4 players, 14+(for complexity not for subject), 60-240 minutes, and according to BGG it is a 4.33 on the weight scale. Simply put this is a big, meaty, and crunchy game. But, I do wish to point out some lies on the box. This is a 1 player game, I would never want to play this with more than 1. That sounds like a nightmare. Also, I think that in the best case scenerio, unless you lose really early, you will spend 90-120 minutes minimum on a game of this. That 60 minute part sounds like a lie.

STF is a meaty, movement/combat puzzle built around a very slowburning deckbuilder. Cardplay and deckbuilding is a extremely important part of the game, even if that isn't what you first see when you look out over the space you need to explore and the enemies you need to conquer. But, fortunately, the card game that lies at the heart of this is really really good.

Basically the theme is, you are basically in an alt universe version of STF. And, you are the captain of a ship. You might be Sisko, Picard, Lursa and B'Etor, or even Martok. You are in a far unexplored region of space. And,  you are exploring planets with away teams, you are fighting dominion or romulan starbases as well as romulan fighters.You are recruiting crew from various starbases or planets. You are exploring various quadrants of space, gaining experience, reputation, and technology. This is all to be used towards the end of the game when you start running into borg spheres, and then, finally, two borg cubes that will put a hurt on you. Your goal is to defeat both cubes, along with their satellite craft.

This game offers a sandbox experience like nothing else I have played. Every decision you make in this game is freighted with meaning. I have played it frequently enough that I can reliably play in under 2 hours, and so works well for a Sunday afternoon or something like that. It is actually fairly thematic, though I was not expecting that. This is a game that I don't see myself ever getting rid of.

Unfortunately, I believe it might be out of print. But, if you are interested in big meaty solo games, and have a chance to aquire this, I highly highly recomend it.

So, what is your favorite solo, and why? 

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