Teburu – CMON’s Board Game Console Coming to Kickstarter 2020

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Merging modern technology with board games has always been a controversial topic. Many players, who love the board game medium, value its independence from the digital media, smartphones and video games.

Recently more and more examples show, that digital games can be merged with some traditional games. Last year Chronicles of Crime proved, that players want (and like) experiences of this sort. Same with Detective, that happened to get nominated for Kennerspiel des Jahres 2019. Both of these games require the use of a dedicated app to work, and add mechanics that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

Teaming Up

CMON is often considered a company, who started the plastic-mini board game revolution on Kickstarter. They’re still kings when it comes to the amount of money collected from backer pledges ($52,776,872 so far). As more good competitors pop up here and there, it might be high time to test something new and possibly get another revolution on their hands. And that revolution goes by the name of “Teburu”.

Teburu is based on technology by Xplored – an Italian company attempting to merge video games with physical world components in: education, toys and gaming. The collaboration with one of the biggest board game makers feels like a match made in heaven.

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