Support of Kickstarter Unionizing from Board Game Publishers and Content Creators

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R0land1199 12 days ago | 2 points

I don't automatically think unions are great for the workers but if the workplace is bad enough then, yeah, it's a good thing.  

Don't want a union? Treat your employees better than you have to. 

Where I'm from firing workers for trying to unionize would get your company in a ton of trouble.  I'm not sure where Kickstarter is though so everything could be different.

Skyw3rd 12 days ago | 1 point

It's a US company, so pretty much an orgy of capitalism.

Skyw3rd 12 days ago | 2 points

The whole Kickstarter situation is super gross and is an example of how the business side of America is getting disgusting. People getting rich and controlling workers needs to end. I'm leaving the corporate world to work for a family company and I couldn't be more excited. 

I also feel that board games on Kickstarter have gotten out of control with many games more plastic figures than game and sky high prices. I hope that another platform can be used because frankly nothing will change if the big names keep using Kickstarter.

philryuh 12 days ago | 1 point

Hmm... Trent and I had originally planned to launch our Kickstarter around this month. I'm glad we didn't go ahead with it now. On top of the "protest" efforts, I've even heard some posts on facebook groups mentioning how some of the campaigns/creators are suffering from backers cancelling their pledge as a result of some of these events. Not sure how widespread of an issue this has been though.