Board Games for Holidays of September 3 - September 10


I really love all those made-up holidays that are meaningless but give you a reason to celebrate something random. To bring board games into the mix, I am going to be listing the current "holidays" and listing the games that come to mind. 

Help fill and the blanks and add new options!! Love seeing the creativity.

Friday, September 3rd

National Lazy Mom’s Day

  • ???

National Skyscraper Day

Saturday, September 4th

College Colors Day

​National Wildlife Day

Sunday, September 5th

National Be Late for Something Day

National Cheese Pizza Day

National Pet Rock Day

  • ???

Monday, September 6th

Fight Procrastination Day

  • ???

National Coffee Ice Cream Day

National Read a Book Day

Tuesday, September 7th

International Day of Clean Air

  • ???

National Beer Lovers Day

Wednesday, September 8th

National Ampersand Day

World Physical Therapy Day

  • ???

Thursday, September 9th

International Sudoku Day

National Wiener Schnitzel Day

  • ???

Friday, September 10th

National 401(k) Day

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13 days ago

I don't have anything to add but just want to say I love these lists. It is where I get my holiday lists and I enjoy it being tied to board games!

7 days ago

Thank you, that is nice of you to say!

13 days ago

For International Day of Clean Air:

#CO₂: Second Chance

7 days ago

Nice, that is a really good one for the day!