First Thoughts After Playing with Oceania Expansion

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We are currently camped about an hour outside of Big Bend National Park in Texas.  It's a different part of Texas.  Becky and I pulled out Wingspan to play in the trailer and got to try out all the new birds and boards.  In brief:

1.   Nectar is great and works well with the game.  It seemed like rolling a rat was much harder if you had a hunter bird.  

2. While the no bird egg action is nerfed, both the no bird food and no bird draw cards action are better.  All three starting actions give you the option of discarding something to gain a second food/egg/card..  I think this speeds up the engine building aspect of the game.  Also, if you fill your board up (or a row rather) the actions are more innately powerful and you don't have to discard anything to take 4 of that action.

3. I really like the birds in Oceania.  The yello power birds are a nice add (end game triggers) and the other birds have intriguing powers.  The wild wingspan for flightless birds is quite helpful when you need it.  

4. The bonus cards are nice but not overpowered.  I really focused on mine thinking that getting 14 points would possibly get me a win.  Becky focused on her bird powers and she pulled it out 128/124.  We did use our normal house rules, but I believe we are going to try the next game using game only rules after this last playthrough.  It seems like the game is a bit more balanced toward letting you get your engine going with this expansion. 

5.  It won't fit in the box anymore.  I ended up taking out the tray holder and laying the cards sideways on top of the boards in the box.  I still got everythink to fit but not as nicely as I would like.   We play this game so much I really want to be able to pull it out of one box.

If you've had a chance to play I'd ;ove to hear what you think!  

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After playing two games we've decided on a few things:

1.  I like the game as is and would definitely play it without most house rules save drafting birds.

2.  Becky likes getting the engine going quickly and having to really decide which birds to fill the board with toward the end and so we will go back to keeping all food and all beginning bird cards at the start of the game.

3.  Using six birds instead of three is very nice and we will continue to do that as well.  It means you never really use the wetlands feature of resetting the bird tray the way you would otherwise, but its more fun because fewer loses would come from not drawing the birds you need.

4.  Someone on a previous post suggested taking out birds that are doubles or triples of the same power.  We decided we will try this at least once to see how that impacts the game.

5.  Despite finagling the rules, #Wingspan is a blast and a still remains our favorite game to play.  

8 months ago

Good to hear! I'm such a sucker for this game's hook of its birds and artwork. Good to hear the expansion adds good fun to the game.  Thanks for sharing :)

8 months ago

Thanks for the write up!  I have been eyeing this expansion since I passed on the European one.

Premium User8 months ago got yours already?! Where have I been?!

Premium User8 months ago

Dang, sounds like a pretty strong success! When it was announced I did think that it sounded like an excellent expansion. I'm sure I'll pick it up eventually.

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I'm pleased that it all seemed to fit together well. I was wondering how well nectar would work, considering how many other bird cards that they introduced before they introduced nectar.

Premium User8 months ago

We never used it to pay for a bird requiring nectar, always as a wild food. The fact that you lose it at the end of the round was a great idea. No one can hoard it that way.

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Oh I didn't even realize you lost it at the end of a round. That's a good decision on the designer's part!

Supporter8 months ago

Makes a lot of sense. 

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