Feedback Friday (2021-04-16)


This is a weekly thread where you can share feedback and questions for anything related to our community and our features. So feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments! (This article will introduce you to some of our features. Note that it's in desperate need of an update)

Some questions I have for you are:

  • For those who joined our Discord, how do you like it so far? We'll eventually put more time into it to get it organized
  • In case you haven't noticed yet, our home page got another makeover! Any thoughts on it?
  • With the new home page, one of my aims is to have a weekly AMA, weekly feature for a user, and 2-3 polls a week to create easy discussion starters. For the AMA, I'll be focusing on inviting the "critics" we'll be adding to the new review system. Feel free to suggest fun poll ideas!

Thanks everyone and have a great weekend :)

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Premium User18 days ago

  • The Discord is fun! I still haven't figured out for myself how much time I want to invest in Discord in general, but I enjoyed the charts I had on there!
  • I like the AMAs and highlighted users, those are both lots of fun as well! Looking forward to more of them.

18 days ago

Agree on the AMAs, it's great to get someone's story/perspective.

19 days ago

Any update on fixing the BGG sync? It still seems janky. Thanks for all the hard work!

17 days ago

As a thought on this, would it be reasonable to reach out to some of the more commonly used game logging apps (ScorePal, BG Stats, etc.) to see about them uploading results to BoardGameAtlas in the same way that they do BGG? That way you might get data uploaded that's not dependent on BGG.

Presumably it's in a similar enough format here, as you have it set up to sync from BGG (albeit not working fully).

18 days ago

I really like the new homepage look. It's been ages since I was on the homepage (normally just go on the forum directly) until the other day I happened on it and was very impressed! At least on mobile it is clear and easy to navigate as it is much less busy-looking than it used to be. 

Is there a permanent invite somewhere for the discord? The one linked above has expired.

Supporter19 days ago

Loving Discord!  Everyone get on there now.

Premium User18 days ago

Who are you and what have you done with sdirrane???

Supporter17 days ago

Ha!  Nothing just a name change.  Trent was graciously willing to change it for me.  This is what I would have changed it too (I figured I'd be able to after signing up), but just never did.

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