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This is an automated weekly post to talk about the game recommendations. Describe the type of game you're looking for, a little bit of what you like, or give recommendations to others.

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Supporter10 months ago

Probably bigger than you are looking for.... But #King of Tokyo works well if they know #yahtzee

10 months ago

What would you guys recommend to take on a vacation with my wife and parents? My parents are not "gamers" like I am, but they will play games. I grew up playing the classics, but have yet to play any of the modern games I own with them.

We're heading to Hawaii so I don't want to bring anything too big since I have to pack it. I'm thinking I'll bring Carcassonne, Kingdomino, and maybe another one that I own.

What else would you recommend? Maybe some good card games? I'm basically looking for good bang for my buck in terms of size, while still being a game that's relatively easy to learn, because parents.

Premium User10 months ago

Just One is a good choice.  The box is small, you don't have to play it on a table, and the box is pretty small as well!

10 months ago

Oh that's a good suggestion! I think I'll get that one. Thanks!

Owner10 months ago

My wife and my parents enjoy #Skull too. +1 for #Just One.

10 months ago

Yeah? I've never been into bluffing games, so this one has never really caught my attention, but I'm not sure how my wife and parents would enjoy it.

Owner10 months ago

That's how I feel about bluffing games too, but I enjoyed the simplicity of of Skull. The appeal to me was how accessible it is and how it makes people break out of their shell. It was especially fun to see that my mom is surprisingly a big gambler in her choices. And because the rounds are so quick, it doesn't overstay its welcome and you just get quick moments of laughter from seeing someone fall into a trap or succeeding a tough call.

10 months ago

Haha, alright. I'll keep looking around for some good ones but I'll definitely add it to the list of possibilities. Thanks!