To Pledge Or Not To Pledge . . . That Is The Question.

Do I make my Kickstarter pledge or not? That's a common question we find ourselves asking as the Kickstarter phenomenon continues to rise. Read more....

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19 months ago

I agree with all this stuff. I'm straining not to back Paladins of the West Kingdom but I'm holding strong because I don't need promos and I've got so many games to play between now and December. The new Root expansion launched today, but I'm not backing because I'm not sure if I like Root that much.

19 months ago

The best part of the Paladins kickstarter is that there are no stretch goals. That is where these kickstarters get you. the FOMO. For example if Paladins came with a bunch of stretch goals that I could get paying the same price as if I had bought retail I would find it harder to resist because I know I am going to get that game eventually. So why not pay sooner to get it later to get more. I am so happy for Renegade games not this and am now more inclined to give them business. The other stuff is if a game looks good but the company has no plans to release to retail. You aren't going to get that in the future.


Supporter19 months ago

For board games, what I look for is a game that I like and want to play. Second to that, I want KS only rewards. If I can get it retail or used by waiting an extra half a year, I don't mind. There are some cases where I really want something early, but that is less common. 

I am a sucker for bling. So if there is a lot of KS only bling (like deluxe editions), that tends to part me from my money...

I do a lot of 3d printing KS too, but that choice is usually more straight forward. Basically, is it unique, and will I print it.