My Top Ten Games (The Definitive List)


Yes, nothing too terribly creative with this list. Just the definitive Top 10 games of all time. 


9.#Underwater Cities

8.#Terraforming Mars

7.#A Feast For Odin


5.#Star Wars Imperial Assault

4.#Gaia Project

3.#Mage Knight: Ultimate Edition


1.#Star Wars: Rebellion

I used the assistance of the PubMeeple ranking engine to help me with this list and after the top 2 I really had a hard time ranking the games. I'm glad the engine helped me rank them. I love all of these games and I'm surprised by how high up the list Root was. Some notable games that just missed the Top 10: Outer Rim, Paladins of the West Kingdom, Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North, and Everdell. What a good problem to have so many beloved games!

What is your number one?

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Supporter10 months ago

Do I have to even say...

Premium User10 months ago

I have to check out #Underwater Cities.  That wasn't even on my radar.  I like your list.  Would love to play #Star Wars: Rebellion and #Mage Knight someday but one is huge and the other would probably take up #Gloomhaven plays.  Nice to have such a tough issue though for sure :)

Supporter10 months ago

There are so many good games out there. 

Supporter10 months ago

Mine is still Star Trek: Frontiers.

Good list. 

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