rockstar 8 months ago | 3 points[-]

What kind of game is it? Can you share more details?

philryuh 8 months ago | 2 points[-]

It's a fighting game that's in the works with my friend Trent (also the mastermind behind Board Game Atlas).

I was one of his lab rats for some play testing and for whatever the reason makes me reminiscent of the chaotic, casual fun of playing smash on free-for-all mode. Players can use the cards in their hand to perform the creature's basic attacks, shield, or special moves that are unique to the character. And the arena you're playing in adds its own flair and fun as well. I'm not very good at describing games but hope that helps a bit. 

trentellingsen 8 months ago | 1 point[-]

Yup! It's part of the 5 Color Combo games that I designed. The game was supposed to come out last year but was delayed due to some art I'm waiting on. I'm hoping to have prototypes ready in the next couple weeks :D

FirstJohn318 8 months ago | 1 point[-]


philryuh 8 months ago | 1 point[-]

Thank you!

philryuh 8 months ago | 2 points[-]

This is one of my cardback designs for ultimate fighters, which will feature various creatures and arenas that will have players brawling it out in classic free for all setup. This is the "Ice" arena in low res.

I'd love to hear some feedback on this!

BoardWithRules 8 months ago | 3 points[-]

I think it looks cool (pun not intended).  Would love to hear more about the game.

The graphic gives me the feeling of a low tech/high fantasy mix.

philryuh 8 months ago | 2 points[-]

I was definitely going for cool so I'm glad xD.. I will be posting more later too. You can see my attempt at describing the game to rockstar

walterbd 8 months ago | 1 point[-]

looks pretty good! it could probably improve in terms of sharpness, but the design looks pretty official.

philryuh 8 months ago | 1 point[-]

If you're referring to the resolution, I actually compressed it a lot before sharing. But if you mean in terms of rendering quality, I agree I could have pushed it further! I appreciate your comment on it looking "official" because this was my first project after taking up digital painting. I hoped there wouldn't be obvious flags of an amateur. By the way you can check out the creature designs in the avatar listing under ultimate fighters section. Those designs weren't done by me though haha

walterbd 8 months ago | 1 point[-]

it reminds me of the art from Saboteur. its jot my favorite art style but its well produced and very official :) 

philryuh 8 months ago | 1 point[-]

I was actually going to make a post on the forum about this! but do you happen to have a favorite art style in a board game? I still have a long way to go in my art career so I don't have a particular style yet (have been adapting to the needs so far) 

walterbd 8 months ago | 1 point[-]

It's a mix. different art styles can go better with different games. Mostly, I like consistency. for instance, I don't like when different cards have dramatically different art styles. 

My taste can also differ within the game itself. In saboteur, I don't like the main art, but I do like the art on the back of the cards! 

Some games, like Scythe and Smallworld, are obviously very pretty.

I'll try to think of some more examples.

philryuh 8 months ago | 1 point[-]

That actually gives me a really good insight. Will check out some of those games you mentioned for research! I really want to hear from others now too