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I was thinking about a question I asked a few days ago regarding purchasing games to play if it was only solo and it got me thinking about another question that I think is kind of related...

Are there any games in your collection you may not have picked up if it didn't have a solo mode?

I think while I may have eventually purchased #Viticulture: Essential Edition and #Clans of Caledonia based on the game themselves I may have waited a bit knowing I would have been dependent on other people to get them to the table.

While I still haven't tried the #Raiders of the North Sea solo mode (which just came out as an App earlier this year), I was hopeful I'd eventually be able to play it solo which added to my decision to pick it up as my Giveaway win last year.  I may not have gotten it at all if not for the Giveaway and if not for the knowledge that I could possibly play it solo.

So what games do you have that you may have skipped if they didn't include that magic number 1 on the side?

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Supporter10 months ago

I don't think that I would have bought #Scythe if it didn't have a solo mode. I wasn't a solo gamer. I still lived in the US. But, I was thinking about moving down here, so, I specifically bought it as a game that I wanted to play multiplayer, but could play solo if I needed to.

Owner10 months ago

If I'm not 100% sold that the game will become one of my wife and I's top 5 games to play together, then it needs a great solo mode. If it's not our favorite to play, then it's almost guaranteed that it won't see more than say... 2 plays in a year because we only play together maybe 2 times a month. This includes:

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