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I have a game of Terraforming Mars planned for Sunday evening with some guys that are real assassins with TM. I need to put up a fight! I know some good strategies are to get cities on the board, milestones and the sort, but I wanted to hear from you all if you have a strategy or mindset that you use to win! I really want to stick it to these guys lol. 

We are playing most likely base game with Prelude and Drafting. Potentially also using One of the Hellas and Elysium boards. Thoughts?

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14 months ago

It also kind of depends on what cards you draft. Sometimes I love to get those blue-bordered cards to build a powerful engine, but other times I have only one in my tableau. Sometimes it's important to save rather than spend. Resources can be sparse--especially if you want to play an expensive card. Only taking one action in a round can help you save resources for a big play the next round. Also try and get steel and titanium production going. I will always try and keep at least one of those types of Prelude cards since it gives a nice boost right out the gate. But, while playing with bloodthirsty opponents, you'll need to play it smart when using your resources, since they can come in and destroy what you've been hoarding.

14 months ago

I play with people who totally destroy everything work towards...I had 8 plants like 3 times the last time we played and they got yanked. They’re sharks for sure, I’ve just gotta be a shark back!

A lot of the strategy seems to be in taking advantage of situations. We will see!

14 months ago

Yikes, that sounds terrifying haha I'm always beyond scared I'll lose my hard-earned resources by some sort of attack. Good luck on Sunday! 

Supporter14 months ago

I own the game but have only played 3 times. We did not use the draft variant. My strategy was simple: win. It worked. 

14 months ago

I will definitely try that out lol. "Just win! Easy!"

Owner14 months ago

Uh.... let us know how it goes xD

Supporter14 months ago

Lol! If you aren’t drafting it’s quite a bit more challenging to have a cohesive strategy. 

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