Survey for Crowdfunding Backers


My wife's doing research around crowdfunding and would love input from anyone willing to share 
This is from her:

Crowdfunding backers, we want to hear from you!
We want to know what it's like to back a crowdfunding campaign — which is why we're hosting research sessions for backers to share their insights and experiences.

Sessions will be one-on-one, one hour long, and hosted via Zoom video Sept 30- Oct 2.  
If you’re interested in participating and available on those dates, please complete this questionnaire . Space is limited — so if you qualify for a spot, we’ll be in touch with more information.

Thank you!

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58 days ago

I'm unfortunately not available any of those days. Stupid work schedule! If you have any future dates let me know!

59 days ago

What is she planning to do with the research?

59 days ago

Hi Bob, She'll be using the information to help clients who create crowdfunding based campaigns provide better experiences for their backers. She's a User Experience designer.

59 days ago

With all due respect, unless there's more information you haven't shared, in which case you should share it, this seems like a pretty one-sided proposition. Will people be compensated for their time?

59 days ago

Hey theDL, thanks for asking: The link is to a questionaire to see who will be selected to take part in the one-on-one session. Anyone who ends up taking part will get a $50 gift certificate to Amazon.