Rurik: Stone and Blade Expansion!!!


You all are probably well aware by now at how much I love #Rurik: Dawn of Kiev. Welp, the Kickstarter for the Stone and Blade expansion just launched! If you missed getting the KS edition of the base game last time, now's your chance. Such a good game! I will always talk up good games haha

Who else here as played Rurik? How do you like it?

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Owner15 months ago

I think you've talked a lot of us into throwing Rurik into the wishlist lol

Are you backing? Or have you managed to get a review copy of the expansion by promising to be their spokesperson? xD

15 months ago

I'm just an over-eager fanboy haha I'm not backing it, since I'm no longer working full time. But I'm loving the expansion additions! I might be getting a review copy for a mid-campaign post, but we'll see what happens. :) 

Supporter15 months ago

Even though I won't be able to back it I will be following it as Rurik is one of the 7 games on my current Wishlist.

15 months ago

It's a good one to have on the wishlist!

Moderator Level 115 months ago

I'm very very tempted. 

15 months ago

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