Recycling Game Parts


So I think everyone has either received a game that was pretty bad from a random family gathering, or at least has a bunch of extra game components from games that provide them.

What do you do with your pieces? Do you just store them or do you “recycle” and repurpose them?

Any ideas or worthwhile projects?

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Premium User5 months ago

I have a bin with parts I have upgraded from other games and at one point I bought some extra cubes from Amazon just in case that has come in handy.  I also have the baggie of baggies as many of us probably do. :)

5 months ago

I have some large peanut cans I've repurposed (and heavily washed out) to hold components. Mostly I use pieces from rough prototypes I've reviewed that won't be of much use after I'm done with it. I use them for my own prototype pieces for random games I start working on designing. 

I also have two large ziplock bags filled with other ziplock backs, harvested from all the games I've reviewed and purchased, after consolidating as effectively as possible. Just last night I had to swap out a baggie from a new game with one from my horde as the extra one from the game wasn't big enough for the amount of cards that came with it. It's times like these I'm grateful I'm a packrat haha

5 months ago

Ahhh the great bag of baggies... 

That’s a good idea with the cans though!

5 months ago

Hmm, I've never considered doing this. I guess my thought would be to donate the game or give it away before stripping it for parts. I do keep a giant "bag-o-baggies" from all of my games from which I have removed the babies. I'm case I ever need a baggy for a different game (or anything else, I guess), I can go there.

5 months ago

Haha the classic baggy bag. Yeah I for sure have that because I tend to go to the dollar tree for little plastic organizing bins.

As far as the games i stripped for parts, they were mainly thrashed games that no one would want haha. I’m actually trying to use the old cards to make #Sprawlopolis since they released the PnP

5 months ago

You know for my PnPs I printed the cards on decent cardstock single-sided, then stuck both sides in a sleeve. Seems substantial enough.

5 months ago

That’s a good idea! 

5 months ago

A couple of things I’ve been wanting to do/currently working on:

-board game box -> decking it out to be a dice tray

-cards -> glue on pnp games then laminate

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