Wretches & Rewards Mini Adventures for 5e

If the monster had a wand of fireballs in their loot pile all along, why didn't they use it?

Loot tables in RPGs have traditionally provided a quick way to come up with rewards for players, but the randomness can lead to results that don't always make sense.

Wretches & Rewards has created a series of adventures with magic items and monsters tailored to the story. The six adventures are accessible to beginners and yet flexible enough for experienced players to make them their own. Each adventure also has its own unique maps. 

You can get a PDF of all six modules for only $10 CAD (~$8 USD). If you're looking for a printed module, you can get it with a PDF of the maps for $25 (~$19 USD), or with a double-sided printed map for each module for $40 (~$30 USD).

Check out the campaign before it ends on Friday, June 19, 2020.

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About Wretches & Rewards

Players are looking for unique encounters, where the backstories and the connections are part of the story. The six mini-adventures in Wretches & Rewards provide 16 new magic items, 16 new monster variants, and 12 maps (6 double-sided maps for those who select the printed maps). 

The magic items carry the story forward and add strategy.

The monster variants are designed around the magic they provide. No forgotten wands of fireballs here!

There are two maps for each adventure,

and the maps have matching DM guides to help you give the players information without giving anything away.

Because the story is built around the items, players may find an item that is weakening, or may be used up. They need to secure the prize before it is gone. Items that are generated with traditional loot tables after the party succeeds aren't woven into the story this way. 

Wretches & Rewards can save the DM prep time and provide a more in-depth campaign for the players. 

One of the six modules.

More on Kickstarter

There's information on stretch goals, plus an example of what you might find in an adventure, so be sure to check out the campaign before it ends on Friday, June 19, 2020.

See the Kickstarter

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Supporter12 months ago

Not sure what I think but the art is kinda cool

Partner12 months ago

It looks very useful for people who run RPG games. My husband has long been annoyed at the same things they mention, and thought this looked good.

Supporter12 months ago

Ah makes sense. I don't run RPGs hence it doesn't seem as impressive. Do you think this is something you all will get? 

Partner12 months ago

Not sure, but I know he found it interesting.

Supporter12 months ago


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