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The Best 100 2-Player Board Games [Data-Driven List]

Nowadays, it's more important than ever to have options for games that excel with only two players. So, I wanted to come up a list of the top two-player board games. To do so, I turned to BGG's voting system and I extracted which were the game's deemed best for only two people.

If you're stuck at home with a roommate, spouse, or whomever during the pandemic and are looking for a new game suggestion check out the list! (Note: there are two pages)

Also, I'm curious how your own personal list would differ. What are your personal top 3 two-player games?

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43 days ago

My top 3 would be #War of the Ring: Second Edition which is just excellent and epic (although is a whole day affair), #13 Days: The Cuban Missile Crisis which for me packs plenty of the punch of twilight struggle in just 45 minutes, and #Android: Netrunner which I haven't played loads of but it is just such a fun asymmetric game!

Maybe this is just on the phone, but by having the description beneath each entry it meant looking through the list (if I just wanted to see the names) a bit of a chore (I'll be honest I fast scrolled quite a lot). Personally I'd love to the see the list compacted with the option to open up the description of ones that catch my eye. That said, I am always on the look out for 2 player games so I very much appreciate you putting this list together!

44 days ago

I've enjoyed #Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: The Thames Murders & Other Cases, #Star Realms, and #Patchwork the most as two player games (the latter two are strictly two-player). During this pandemic, it's typically been easier for me to play either quick games or games with easier rules because of general exhaustion!

44 days ago

Great list, thanks for the post. #Twilight Struggle is definitely up there for myself on 2 player games I'd like to buy.

44 days ago

I'll go with #Nagaraja, #Jaipur and #7 Wonders Duel.  I know those are strictly two-player games, but they are fun and quick.  I think going by BGG's ratings, you almost need to subdivide into Light/Medium, then Medium/Heavy in terms of complexity, because #Star Wars: Rebellion may be fantastic for 2, but is difficult to get to the table for many people.