Weekly Challenge #3: Oh My Goods!


Oh My Goods!


Me and Steely  at it again. He has been a true friend, helping me destroy the shelf of shame one game at a time. 


Oh My Goods! is a card game that comes in a very small box, yet feels like a mid-weight worker placement, engine builder that can compete with other larger box games. Don’t get me wrong, this is no Agricola, but you can definitely scratch the itch for a bigger meatier game for half the time and less than half the price.


In this game you are settlers constructing various types of buildings in your new town. These buildings produce goods and are worth points at the end of the game. Your buildings may not be utilized by other players. In order to produce goods on your building you must place your worker on the desired building and then also have the resources required to make that good. These resources either come from “the market” in the middle of the table or from your hand.


The market is laid out in two phases, and in between the two phases you are able to choose where you would like to work and what you would like to build. I personally think this aspect of the game is very interesting, fun, and suspenseful as you are having choose where you would like to build and produce based on only half of the information available. 


Once the 2nd phase of the market is complete (the rest of the resources are laid out for use in production) production and building take place. If you met the resource requirement for the building you chose, you produce goods! PLUS, each building has a production chain power. If you have the resource that building needs, you can funnel an unlimited amount of that resource to then produce more goods on that building.


The game ends when a player has built their 8th building. Your score is tallied up from the points displayed on each building, and the total cost of all your goods divided by 5.



  • I enjoyed the artwork, it reminded me of Argicola that I actually like lol
  • I LOVE multiuse cards
  • A large variety of cards
  • Satisfying engine building
  • Each turn plays very quick and most of it is simultaneous, you never feel as if youre just sitting there waiting
  • Risky worker placement was a fun twist on a classic mechanic, a failed attempt also does not completely destroy you



  • I think it took me reading the rulebook like 5 times to know what was going on
  • Multiuse card games in general are not the most accessible
  • The game almost seemed a little short, I think I would have enjoyed using my engine 1 or 2 more time


I REALLY like this game. It was quick and easy once you understood the base concepts of the game. It was smooth and not at all clunky. It almost felt like my first experience playing Race for the Galaxy, a seemingly overwhelming learn/teach that ended up being a very easy yet deep game.

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Owner10 months ago

I just remembered after looking back on a past post that you chose this for your giveaway win! :D

And boy, that's a super tiny box. I'm glad you like the game and seems like most people's experience has been largely positive with this. I think likes this quite a bit too? And based on your description, I know for sure that I'd enjoy the mechanisms since I always like a satisfying engine-builder.

And xD

10 months ago

It was good! Definitely takes some getting used to but I see a lot of potential!!

10 months ago

For sure! I'd really like to try it with 3 players... I feel like that would be a good number seeing the different engines and maybe more competition over the assistants

Premium User10 months ago

I do like this game quite a bit! It is a little hard to learn, but after you learn it, it's pretty quick to play! I, on the other hand, do NOT enjoy the art, haha.

10 months ago

It really is a doozy to wrap your head around, but I think it's also a game you have to see played to learn it. That's why I liken it to#Race for the Galaxy since it has a steep learning curve but is a super simple game once you understand the iconography and flow.

Premium User10 months ago

Yep the RFTG comparison is pretty appropriate. The learning curve combined with the quick play once you know what's going on

10 months ago

FOR SURE. I think that may be pretty common with multiuse Card games...

10 months ago

I know! And that was awhile back! I was just super pumped to finally get it to the table!

I was very unsure at first because of how small the box was. I just didnt think that it could be THAT good, but I thought it was a really good game! Its kind of crazy how many mechanics are squeezed into this game.

Bro, me and Neal are weird lol

Supporter10 months ago

This looks really cool! I'm always a little suspicious about the small box games. But this looks great!

10 months ago

Same, though I am a sucker for good small box games haha 

10 months ago

Great game that packs a big experience in a tiny box.

10 months ago

So true!

10 months ago

I really like this game, it packs so much game into the tiniest of boxes! I think the only downsides I have found are that it entirely multi-player solo: would love to spend some time coming up with trading mechanics so that if someone produces something you need you can buy there produce. Also, we found that if people build good engines they end up stockpiling so much stuff that it starts to limit what is left in the deck: i.e. some cards just end up being permanently removed. As such I always take a box of flux with me and use as produce which solves it.

10 months ago

Thats is definitely true, for sure a multi solo. I think their expansions make it a bit more coop, but I'm not too sure. I know there are "campaigns" and a solo variant.

 Yeah I can see that happening! I guess if you get a good enough engine and draw the right resources you can just siphon the goods! Haha 

10 months ago

Oh wow, I did not know there were any expansions. 

Yeah, and sometimes we found that it so happened that a disproportionate amount of one resource was locked up in someone's engine and so we weren't getting any wood for example. Especially when playing with four people

10 months ago

Oh wow that's interesting! I can see it start to get tighter as the player count goes up!

and yeah I believe there's two... I think...

10 months ago

Yeah, might be part of the design, but we found if someone's engine relied on a certain resource and it just never came out they were kind of scuppered the whole rest of the game.


10 months ago

Oof that's a bummer... I'll have to look out for that!

Supporter10 months ago

Very glad this worked out for ya'll. I love it when new games work out so well. 

10 months ago

Thanks man! 

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