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#5 My favorite mechanic

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I didn't have to give this too much thought to know what my favorite machanic is. Drafting. 

My love of drafting goes all the way back to Magic the Gathering. There is something unique about being able to build your hand based on quick decisions and trying to figure out what other people will take. 

#7 Wonders is the game that really solidified this for me (and it is my favorite game. It actually has something that is better than just drafting, and that is simletaneous drafting. Beyond building your hand (or tableau), all players are drafting at the same time. The great result of this is that the game is always moving, with virtually no downtime. You are always looking at your hand, picking and playing a card. 

The ability to draft before a game to set up a strategy is fun as well. #7 Wonders: Leaders, #Seasons, #Monster City Planners, and even #Agricola do this. It can turn a good game, into a great game (at the cost of a little time). 

What is your favorite drafting game? Are there games where drafting doesn't work for you?

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Premium User5 months ago

I've never heard of ths game. I've played Port Royal, and didn't particularly care for it. I like games where you can use the cards in several different ways. I'll have to check this out. Thanks for the tip!

Supporter5 months ago

So, which do you prefer. Do you prefer if drafting is "the game" as in #7 Wonders, #Sushi Go!, #Fairy Tale etc....? Or do you prefer if it is something that is a part of a bigger game, as in #Inis, #Blood Rage, or even #Agricola?

Premium User5 months ago

The first set, but I appreciate in the smaller context in other games. 

Supporter5 months ago


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