Patrick Leder & Cole Wehrle on design, development, Oath & Root's next expansion - TCbH Interview (Timestamps in comments / vid description)

Timestamps below! Covered a ton of ground on this one, including a surprising amount of details about Root's upcoming expansion and reflections on Oath, as w......

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Supporter9 months ago

I CAN'T wait to watch this!

Owner9 months ago

Me too Scott, me too!! :D

The thumbnail speaks for itself

9 months ago

I'm a big dummy and not sure how to expand the text that I attached to the vid, so in case I screwed up the posting, here is what I wrote (mods feel free to delete this if neccesary):

I recorded this interview with Cole and Patrick at the end of last week. We covered a TON of ground, hence the exhaustive list of timestamps below, and I was amazed at the amount of details they were willing to share about the upcoming Root expansion, including confirmation of the 2 new factions (hint, one ain't Turtles), how minor factions may operate, incorporating a round structure, tournament style faction drafting, and more. In case you can't stand video interviews and don't want to listen via a background window (I get it), I'll have this up on our podcast channel this coming Wednesday.

00:24 - How is quarantine impacting work at Leder HQ?

06:05 - What makes for an ideal playtester?

10:32 - Oath - Can early public feedback compromise creative integrity?

15:19 - Oath - What was the original spark?

22:00 - Oath - Points of contention between the two of you?

24:34 - Oath - Sacrifices to make for a better game

24:34 - Root - Scrapped alternate win conditions

29:17 - Evolution of Leder's company identity

34:44 - Void Lich - A Leder take on Twilight Imperium style factions

44:05 - Vast - Tinkering with Vast 3

46:58 - Root - Scope of the new expansion

49:37 - Root - Minor Factions & Drafting

54:02 - Root - Adding rounds to a boundless game

01:00:09 - Root - Rats & Badgers; the two new factions

01:07:05 - Root - Balance becoming exponentially more difficult?

01:14:06 - Root - Clockwork expansion 2 & a Big Box?

01:19:56 - Oath & Root - Release & Launch windows

Oh, also please forgive the weird angle and if I seem a little tired. My downstairs studio / game room space had flooded 2 days before and if I panned the camera a bit you'd see loads of the recovery construction. Fortunately the family is safe, most possessions are safe, and damages to the house were altogether minimal compared to most house floods. Studio now has better flooring, new trim, a fresh coat of paint and looks better than ever.

Owner9 months ago

Awesome, thanks for the breakdown as always. If you want to include it as part of the post next time, all you need to do is put all that text in the usual textbox. Otherwise, it'll default to grabbing a snippet of the description you have on your YouTube video.

9 months ago

Oooh I definitely need to watch this. I am so excited for #Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile. Leder Games is my favorite publisher. 

Supporter9 months ago