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Glory to Rome Giveaway ($250 Value)!


Throughout November and December,  and I have been working on combining Board Game Prices and Board Game Atlas under one roof. It was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster ride, but we're almost there!

Here's a progress update:

  • 100% of BGP's game pages are now redirected to BGA's
  • We've redesigned some of our main pages (e.g. Home, Discover, and Deals) based on some of the parts we liked the most on BGP's home page. We also gave a slight visual update to our Kickstarter page. In the future, we plan to flesh out the Discover page by adding in features that will recommend you games based on your data
  • "Comparison Cart" feature has been added
  • New sitewide user settings - You can turn on settings that will prioritize price data when you visit a game page. You can also turn on settings to default to the country of your choice (US/Canada/UK). has been working on expanding international support and price listings
  • Trending page has been fixed. The page will update every hour to present the latest trending games based on our own traffic data. BGP's "Trending" section was done manually.


I'm glad I secured a copy when I did. I checked BGG's market today and saw that there weren't any copies left for the Black Box English edition. Looks like some gamers out there are splurging for the holidays!

  • Prize: #Glory To Rome ($250 value)
  • Number of winners: 1
  • Starts: Monday, December 21
  • Ends: Sunday, January 3

How to Enter:

You will get +1 entry every time you complete any of these actions to contribute to our community:
  • Make a post on our forum or write an article
  • Comment or reply on posts/articles
  • Add/edit info on a game page
Each contribution is 1 additional entry. Your entries will max out at 500. Please bear in mind that if we see a pattern of low effort contributions, then those entries could potentially be removed.
Have fun with the giveaway and interacting with everyone here! Depending on how this goes, I'll likely host the giveaway for #Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game on the forum as well.
Lastly, I have several questions! Feel free to answer any of them.
  1. What's your interest level on Glory to Rome? Would you ever spend $250 for your "grail game"?
  2. Which game did you enjoy playing the most this year and why?
  3. Which game surprised you the most this year and why?
  4. As we end 2020, what are your current Top 5 games and why?

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27 days ago

1. I am very interested. We played Innovation and were amazed at how much game there was in a simple deck of cards. But we would not buy it for $250

2. Clank! We can play it with our kids and it is always entertaining

3. The Road to El Dorado. It is a basic deck builder that works perfectly

4. Agricola, Through the Ages, Railways of the World, Roll Player and Middle Earth Quest. 

27 days ago

Did you mention Innovation due to the similar nature of that and GtR?

27 days ago

Don't know :-( We haven't had the chance to play Glory to Rome. But at least there are some similarities like multiuse cards and I've read some players say that Glory to Rome can also be chaotic.

27 days ago

From what I have read that sounds like valid criticism! Innovation seems really clean!

Partner27 days ago

For a cleaner, smaller, cheaper Glory to Rome experience, #Mottainai is perhaps closer than Innovation.

26 days ago

Thanks for the rec! I'll for sure look into it. 

26 days ago

have you played #Glory To Rome?

Partner26 days ago

51 times!

26 days ago

Seems like you enjoy it!

Partner26 days ago

It can be a big, swingy, rollercoaster of craziness.

26 days ago

In a good way? Or in a frustrating way?

Partner26 days ago

Generally enjoyable, depending on your tastes and table space. Innovation was swingy in a less-good way for us. 

26 days ago

Interesting. How long does GtR play? I have more tolerance for swingy play if it doesn't last toooo long

Partner26 days ago

I would say 40 to 45 minutes with 2p that know the game. Last time we taught it to someone, I remember it being maybe an hour and fifteen minutes-ish? One side or the other of an hour.

26 days ago

That's not too bad. I think I could live with that!

New User27 days ago

1.  I have a clamshell version of #GloryToRome and my interest in the black box version is very high (having played it) but my budget doesn't allow for a $250 drop on #GloryToRome or a single game (that I personally would play more often if fellow gamers agreed) especially when I have a version already.

I might spend $250 on a Grail Game, but have not yet.


2. We played Settlers of Catan, and the reason I select this is because my whole family (some non-gamers) agreed and were eager to play.


3.Scooby Doo Escape From Haunted Mansion it makes sense the paper components given it's lack of repeated play (resuable by others). It was a very clever and fun game. Family also enjoyed this. 

4. Top Five Current Games as#2020 


A. Dune (Avalon Hill Frank Herbert's Dune) (rereleased by Gale Force Nine. Classic and the movie is set to release in 2021


B. Settlers of Catan because the family will all play agreeably.

C. Unmatched because this reboots restores Star Wars Epic Duels and it's super fun!

D. Arkham Horror LCG because it's a solid game and you can play solo.

E. Call of Cthulhu RPG because it can be played easily over Discord and is such a good game. Love the Cthulhu Mythos.



New User16 days ago

Also enjoyed Scooby Doo Escape From Haunted Mansion! I love Scooby Doo themed anything so it was an easy purchase to get the boardgame! Played it with the family numerous times!

Supporter26 days ago

Great top 5! I have the core set for Arkham Horror but didn't realize it was basically just the tutorial for the game and now I can't decide if I should invest more in it or give up on it 

New User26 days ago

If you really enjoyed the base set, then you'll continue to enjoy the other possible paths. There are lots of new and special features. Recently they have also come out with different investigators. I am no Expert at Arkham Horror LCG,  but it is replayable and there are a lot of 'expansions' that allow for continued story, deck development, or variety of Investigators. most of the expansions are around the $23 range and the smaller expansions can be found for around $14. All prices are give or take a few dollars depending on where you buy and when.

Supporter26 days ago

Well to be honest I haven't even started playing it. I don't necessarily want to invest all that time to learning the game just to need to buy more and more. 

27 days ago

  1. I think #Glory To Rome is quite excellent.  I have the clamshell IV edition (with the amusingly garish clipart.)  'Upgrading' to the Black Box edition would be quite amazing.
  2. The answer to 'which game did I most enjoy playing' is always #Magic Realm.  This year is no different.
  3. #百科審議官!  It's not new, but it is clever and hilarious.
  4. My top games are pretty stationary. #Magic Realm; #Race for the Galaxy; #Dune; #Princes of the Renaissance.  #5 is a bit harder: one of #Merchant of Venus; #Bus; #A Study in Emerald; #1860; #Die Dolmengötter; #Brass; #1846; or #Through the Ages

27 days ago

I almost threw #Bus in at number 5 as well, such a great game. 

How have you enjoyed the original clipart GtR?

27 days ago

At it's best, it's dynamic and clever and enjoyable.  It also stagnates from time to time: the pool empties, and folk (yeah; probably local groupthink) are afraid to do anything terribly significant because it gives too much of a subjective advantage to the next player.

I've played ~30 times.  I'd guess five or six of those have been spectacular; a similar number relatively poor; the remainder good to solidly good.

Partner27 days ago

I've logged 51 plays of #Glory To Rome, most recently with Adley (a rarity to play with more than 2p). I could see it being a lot of fun to have 3 evenly matched players who played it about once a month, and felt comfortable enough to see how they could stretch it in different directions. 

27 days ago

I can see this game rewarding multiple plays. Similar to #Race for the Galaxy in that sense. 

27 days ago

Huh interesting. I do not think I realized how much interaction the game has and how other players moves could assist others. I am of the mind that you gotta take a chance here and there!

26 days ago

Taking a chance is one thing - but there's quite a bit of lookahead possible.  Setting the next player up for a big score is rarely a good plan :)

26 days ago

Lolol I do not disagree with your statement. I guess I'm not familiar enough with the game to speak to viable strategies!