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  1. Nemesis (-38.8%)
  2. The King's Dilemma (+13.3%)
  3. Wingspan (-6.8%)
  4. The Crew (-10.7%)
  5. Brass: Birmingham (+49.6%)

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Game About Tea? - Breaking Through the Crowd of Kickstarters with a Niche Market

Trent recently talked with Dan and Connie, the creators behind Chai. It's a board game about tea that launched on 2018 and successfully raised over $135,000. Now they're back with another Kickstarter with a reprint and an expansion that we're helping to spread the word. Even if the game may not pique your interest, it's a fun discussion on the behind the scenes of launching a Kickstarter and what inspired the couple to design a game about tea. If you're interested but not able to catch a video interview at the moment, here's a written interview that I did with them a year ago.

Support Black Lives Matter with us on June 17

Since more than a week ago, we placed a black banner on the top of our website and on Board Game Prices to stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and to help raise awareness on this issue. In order to further help the cause, we will be donating 100% of the revenue from your board game purchases on Wednesday, June 17 to the NAACP. So for those of you who have been planning to buy a board game this month, please consider buying it on that day if you'd like to help support the cause. For those who'd like to help but are already tight on budget due to the effects of COVID-19, please partner up with us by sharing this announcement to your friends and family.

Lastly, there's always the option to bypass all of this and donate directly to the cause to maximize the benefits. If you need any clarifications, please feel free to ask questions here. Thank you!


Here are some cool projects we're helping to spread the word! As mentioned above, Chai is back for another Kickstarter with a reprint and an expansion. Even if you're not a fan of tea, check out their campaign to see the next level of Azul-like tiles. Next, we have Wretches & Rewards which successfully funded and is a week away from the finish line. If you're looking to supplement you and your friends' adventures with rewarding monster encounters and memorable loot, make sure to check it out.

Things Found on the Web

Gaming in a Social and Political World

On The Dice Tower, Tom sits down with Eric Lang to talk about social issues in gaming and how we can make the hobby better for everyone. Eric is a highly successful game designer at CMON and has been an active voice surrounding this issue. He also recently opened up about his past encounters with the Minneapolis police here.

Upcoming Kickstarter for Reiner Knizia Game

Reiner Knizia is a renowned game designer behind titles such as The Quest for El Dorado, Tigris & Euphrates, and Ra. He is working with publisher 25th Century Games to release Tutankhamun, a reimplementation of his earlier work from 1993.

8000 Years of Board Game History in 43 Minutes

At SHUX, a board game convention created by Shut Up and Sit Down, Quinns walks through the history of board games. I would've been so down to have lectures like this back in college.


As always, you can have a chance to win a $60 value board game of your choice by contributing to the community. Leave comments, make a post, add missing data on the game pages to gain as many entries before the deadline! Which game would you get if you won? If I could qualify, at the moment I'd probably choose Keyflower. And if gift card had been an option? I'd go for Too Many Bones 100%.

Thanks for the read! For those who are curious, the picture at the top is featuring Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated. My wife and I had a great time with our first session and I outlined my first impressions here. I died two spaces away from returning to the HQ... :(

Plus, make sure to check out the Feed and experience a whole new way to follow what your friends on BGA are up to including comments, posts, plays logged, and more! Feedback is always appreciated. Also, I'm working on ways to partner up with publishers and content creators to give away more games in the future, so be on the lookout for chances to win old, new, and even Kickstarter games!

- Phil & Trent

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Supporter8 months ago

I'm not yet set if I want to get Too Many Bones but I really want to give it a play or two to find out!

8 months ago

Just do it! It‘s awesome 😁

Supporter8 months ago

Now I've got to track down a copy!

8 months ago

Do you know if there is an online version available anywhere to try it out in?

8 months ago

There is a TTS mod for the base game, but I‘ve never tried it myself.

Supporter8 months ago

Oh that's good to know

8 months ago

I might well check it out, worth knowing if it clicks with me before deciding whether or not to empty my bank account 😄

8 months ago

Yeah, it is an expensive game. Debated buying the base game for months but now I‘m all in. All people I introduced it to did like it, too — though some more so than orhers.

8 months ago

Would you still have bought it if it came with cardboard and wooden tokens instead of poker chips and neoprene(for a more reasonable price point)? Do you feel the components add a significant 'something' to the experience?

Supporter8 months ago

It definitely sets the game apart that's for sure. 

8 months ago

I think so, yeah. The main point that caught my attention was the the computer game like character skill progression (think diablo 2) via skill points that unlock new dice (each character‘s individual dice also represent a good chunk of the price).

The Pokerchips are definitely not something I would want to „de-bling“. It’s a really good way to represent HP & here is somthing deeply satisfying in moving around the stacks and chipping away at an opponents health.

The neoprene character mats and the PVC cards are the only things that are pure bling in my opinion (thouh they are very nice). I think thick cardboard / cardstock would work great as well for those.

8 months ago

Nice, I am glad it doesn't feel unnecessary/bloated. I definitely want to play it some time, it seems like it would be both hilarious and pretty tactical.

8 months ago

It is both those things 👌

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