What are the biggest hurdles of Solo Gaming?

Gaming to me is a very cathartic experience, friends, family, thinking and strategizing all bring me joy. With solo gaming you eliminate the friends and family and it is just you and the game…I find myself being more picky when I am in the scenario! Here are the things that have frustrated me or made it difficult to play some Solo Games.

1.       Randomness – This is a gripe I have with Coop games as well, but often times solo games can really too heavily on randomness and it feels like you are being beat into the ground! It can be exhausting, especially playing alone. I find this more bearable when I am playing with someone and we can have that shared experience.

2.       Set Up time – My biggest mental hurdle is determining if I am down to set up the dang game…the biggest culprit is Gaia Project I love this game with everything in me, even the solo, but the set up of the game is tedious even with an insert. There are a lot of components and organizing to work through here. Brass is similar but not QUITE as much going on. I need to be in the right head space to be open to making that commitment.

3.       Time – this might be own fault, the solo games I have are either really quick games or really long games, I have no games that are right in the middle, so currently that is a hurdle for me as well.

4.       Not interactive – I am an introvert and my job requires me to be “on” and pretty chipper, so when I get home I more often than not will choose a video game or a show to do by myself if I am in that scenario. If my wife is around I will typically choose to spend time with her as well, whether with a game or just chatting. Solo Gaming can be isolating so I need to plan out my interaction with people in my life if I am to dive into a game by myself for a couple hours!


What are some of the most difficult aspects of Solo gaming for you?

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Owner11 months ago

1. Setup Time -  This is my #1 reason. I'm usually running on minus battery by the time my son has gone to sleep, so the last thing I feel like doing is getting out a game and setting it up. Games that manage to break through my laziness truly belong among the greats lol

2. Reading through the rulebook - I'll gladly go through this for the sake of others, but if it's just for myself, it can be hard to open it up. Also, it sure doesn't help that some solo modes are complex enough to basically have its own rulebook.

3. Memory - (Me after seeing a resource in my hand) "Wait... did I make the payment just now? Or.... did I not??" When you're playing by yourself without anyone around to give you reminders or point out errors, it comes up often enough that I need to backtrack to make sure I didn't cheat. This goes back to how I'm often running on minus battery when solo gaming.

4. At night, I do tons of stuff to try and rest or I'll casually work on couple of things for the site. I just end up not resting fully or working fully (I shouldn't be working at night anyway), and solo gaming goes on the back burner.

11 months ago

Setup time after my kids are asleep (often not until after 10:00pm, including 30+ minutes of me reading out loud) is what stops me playing more. I'm just worn out at that point and the setup is an extra step too much for me to deal with.

Your point about memory is interesting, though. I've started playing in an online solo Legendary: Marvel league. It's only 3 games a month, in theory, and having the setup decided for me and the scoreboard helps prompt me to do it. My problem though, is that I often have to play each game 2 or 3 times because I keep realising that I've screwed up a rule (either in my favour, or against), and if I'm submitting matches to be ranked against others it doesn't seem fair to me to do so if I've not played by the rules.

So weirdly, the memory part means I sometimes get more plays in of a particular game than I might otherwise have done, but it's a bit frustrating at times and I'm essentially replaying the same game in some ways.

Owner11 months ago

Interesting, it's my first time hearing of a league for a solo game! Then again, I have #Friday app and it constantly has updates on the leaderboard and it also holds some sort of a special event every now and then.

How have you been fairing in that league?

11 months ago

The details can be found here:


I've been enjoying it. It's a game where it's easy to have a bewildering variety of possible combinations to set up even with only a couple of small expansions, so it's nice to have something directed to work with.

I've done better than I expected in the four I've played so far, placing in the top 10 out of 30-ish every time. That's not a huge sample size though, so I expect it'll even out a bit over the longer term.

Supporter11 months ago

Setup is a factor for me as well.

I don't find the time to be as much of a issue, and I do try to avoid most games that will swing with random stuff.

For me the single biggest factor is the setup/teardown. I try to have a place where I can set it up the evening before, thusly I remove a big obstacle in my way.

Owner11 months ago

Ah, setting it up the night before is a great idea, although I know I won't have the space to do that.

It reminds me of my pastor talking about an acquaintance who would iron his shirt the day before going to church haha. Basically, the idea of physically and mentally preparing yourself for an important day. Maybe it's an odd example, but I know for sure that seeing the game all setup and ready would make me want to get in a play.

11 months ago

That is a good analogy! I never iron my shirt for any occassion so maybe that is why I did not think to set up the game preemptively!!

Supporter11 months ago

No, your pastor is a wise man. It is so so much easier to do something when you don't have to get ready right before. 

11 months ago

I think I remember you saying that and I totally forgot about that, It is a great idea! I am going to try it one of these days. Only problem I see is that I have a cat that spends time on tables and counters when she is not supposed to be...

Supporter11 months ago

I hear that, I don't do indoor pets...... But I do have a 3 year old son so it can still be an issue.

11 months ago

Power to ya, they can be great but they can also be obnoxious as all get out lol. the animals...not the kids lol. 

Supporter11 months ago

Yes. And, I love my son, but he has been known to be obnoxious at times.... 

11 months ago

Ha! Children can do that. 

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