New & Improved Game Pages


Based on a bunch of feedback and exploring what makes Board Game Atlas unique I've redesigned the game pages! Some of the key ones are

  • Moving the prices up
  • Showing a preview of the first 5 user reviews
  • Show off the price History charts
  • Better image viewing with a way to zoom and look
  • Better visual hierarchy

What do you think of the changes? What else should be done?

8 points by trentellingsen - updated 3 months ago | 10 comments | report

menthabrw 5 months ago | 4 points

The youtube videos in the image viewer look a bit messed up, take a look at that. I don t know if thats the case with all but Takenoko for example.They take up full width in the viewer even though the video is way smaller than the viewer window.(Firefox browser desktop)

trentellingsen 5 months ago | 1 point

Fixed! Thanks for the feedback.

trentellingsen 5 months ago | 1 point

It does look a bit odd. I'll see what I can do.

heathbarATL 5 months ago | 3 points

How do I remove a game from a collection list?

Is there a specific forum for site functionality questions and comments?

philryuh 5 months ago | 3 points

When you are making a post, you can choose a flair for "BGA Feature Request" at the very bottom of the dropdown. I've seen people using that most of the time to make requests/reporting issues. You can also filter the forum posts based on the flairs too.

trentellingsen 5 months ago | 2 points

If you go to your profile you can find your game lists. In your game lists just hover over the game you want to remove and click the trashcan icon.

heathbarATL 5 months ago | 3 points

Oh! I appreciate the subtlety, but that might be too subtle. Also, the trash can doesn't appear in list view, only grid view. I like the mobile app version, where you can just access lists and check/uncheck the changes you want to make. Thanks.

trentellingsen 5 months ago | 1 point

I do agree. The user experience needs to be updated. Which app are you using by the way? There are two using the API currently.

heathbarATL 5 months ago | 1 point

BGA Pocket. It makes List management easier. Is that the one I should be using?

trentellingsen 5 months ago | 1 point

That's a great one, there's also one called Scout that works well too!