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Here's the receipt for our community's donation to the NAACP


@nealkfrank We finally sorted out the numbers and got the results for our donation drive! Thanks to everyone's participation, our community donated a total of $289.50 toward the NAACP.

We hope to do more things like this in the future, so if any of you ever see a great need that we could all team up for, feel free to send me DM or make a post about a need we can help out with using our board game ways :)

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Owner6 months ago

@Courageous Bob @theDL @nealkfrank @Skurvy5 Great job to all of you too! Whether directly or indirectly, we couldn't have done it without you all, really.

Hope opportunities like these come up more often! Feel free to DM me or make a post whenever you see a chance for all of us to help out with a cause in our own board game way xD

6 months ago

Nice, good job you guys!

6 months ago

Cool! Thanks for updating us.

6 months ago

Excellent! Thanks for sharing and being generous with your platform!

Supporter6 months ago

This is great! Good job BGA community!