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I'm new so please feel free to let me know if this post is out of line or redundant. My intention is to create a forum for people on BGA with games for sale or trade. This is a work in progress, so please offer any ideas you may have to improve the thread.

My hope is that people will simply comment on this post and create their own "for sale/trade stall." First person to create a stall (after mine) will be sent a used copy of Adventure Games: The Dungeon (whether you want it or not!).

Thank you for posting. Yeah, I definitely get the need for some kind of trade rating and dispute resolution. My initial thoughts on that would be something along the lines of public accountability...I trade with someone and he feels I misrepresented the condition of the game, he should first message me privately to give me the chance to make it right. If I don't, he's free to post a reply to my trade stall saying something like "this user sent me an incomplete game and I will not trade with him again." I know it's imperfect, but from my trading/buying/selling experience on BGG, I found that people were mostly fair.

Again, I'm new and I'm very glad to hear thoughts on how to make something like this happen, even if it means dozing this attempt and starting over with someone else's better idea.

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Premium User28 days ago

I love trades but as I'm on the west coast of Canada the shipping is pretty prohibitive.  Any Canadian west coasters here?

29 days ago

I think it's a good idea just to see how much trade interest there is. We'd have to figure out the details of how we'd want to proceed without any protective rating system or trade dispute process. But I'm game for figuring those things out.


I've.been looking for above and below expanded edition exclusives, potion explosion the 6th student, and tang garden golden age for a while. There are several other games I might be interested in: Praga Caput Regini and perhaps other mid heavy euros with nice production quality, but I'd have to create a want In Trade list.


For Trade:

The games I'd currently consider trading away are Apotheca, Age of Thieves with the chaos in Hadra promo, Chang Cheng, Dead Mans Dubloons, North Wind, the quest for eldorado with the heroes and hexes expansion in the main box, Sheriff of Nottingham (first edition), Tumult Royale, Niagara (with diamond joe), And possibly once we get the new Return to Dark Tower I might trade away the original Dark Tower (with a complete box in good condition for it's age). All my games generally have very good boxes with light shelf wear, and all are complete with excellent components.

I'm at 28716

Partner28 days ago

-- are you looking for the Above & Below: Desert Labyrinth & Underforest Encounter Book? I have that along with the tokens still in shrink wrap. Send me a PM if this is what you are searching for. 

28 days ago

Sent you a PM

Premium User29 days ago

Welcome! I feel like posted something about looking for trading partners awhile back, but BGA doesn't have to my knowledge an official place to propose/look for trades/sales. I do most of my trading with BoardGameCo just to offload a bunch of stuff at once since I have the problem of having too many games lol.

Currently the only stuff I'm trying to get rid of would be...


#That's Pretty Clever

#Werewords Deluxe Edition

29 days ago

I used to trade with Boardgameco quite a bit, but his thresholds and required imbalance in value grew too great over time. I did very recently buy some used games from him though, but It's been quite awhile since I'd bought from him. He's always been reputable, just not always good pricing.

28 days ago

Yeah, I thought about buying from Alex to show some support because I enjoy some of his videos, but the pricing was a little high for me as well.

28 days ago

If you find used games on his site that he doesn't consider to be hot you can find some good prices. If he rates the game as hot, forget it, he'll often want signnificantly more for a "hot" used game than you can buy it for new. His new game prices can't touch Gamenerdz and Amazon usually beats him handily as well.

29 days ago

All games for Sale or Trade. Ship from 60477.

Star Trek: Frontiers, includes the Kahn expansion and the much sought after 7 of 9 Promo card.The box shows quite bit of wear, and some of the cardboard pieces show evidence of play, but everything is in good condition aside from that.

Monster Lands (Leader KS edition), includes two Promo cards.

Betrayal at House on the Hill. New in Shrink.

High Frontier 4 All, includes Modules 1 and 2. Great condition. (low trade/sale priority)

Duck! Duck! Go! (1st Edition, I believe) Good condition. Includes the Junior deck (for younger players) and MANY extra ducks.

Fire in the Library. Good condition.

Lewis and Clark: The Expedition (1st Edition). Major wear on the box, but components in good condition.



Baseball Highlights: 2045

Iron Helm

Expansions for Raiders of the North Sea

Falling Skies

Extra beasts for Beasts of Balance (I have the base game, Battle Cards, Fancy Prance, Space Whale and Omni Beast.)

Rhino Hero

I'm also interested in decent kids' games that I can play with my 6 year-old.