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Solo Dungeon Crawler on Kickstarter

Hey guys, I have made a solo dungeon crawler - already 65% funded and it has been going for 2 days :) please check it out - you might like it :)

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10 months ago

Last 24 hours to get the game :) 

Owner11 months ago

Thanks for sharing! Is this your first project? How do you feel like the campaign is going for you?

11 months ago

Hey, yes, my first one, I've helped other ones but this is my first. I've managed to do 95% of the work on my own. Pretty hard and exhausting but we got there, already funded ;)

11 months ago

I like a good solo dungeon crawler. Thanks for sharing your project!

11 months ago

No problem mate!

Supporter11 months ago

Looks cool. Thanks for sharing. 

11 months ago

No, Thank you :)

11 months ago

Images of the game below

11 months ago

really cool art!

11 months ago

Thanks, there is more on the Kickstarter page :)

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