What is the weirdest game you ever bought? Kickstarted? and what led you to it? Even more so...are you glad or sad you bought/backed it?

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19 months ago

Mine was Adventures of the Northland: Sagas of Noggin The Nog. It caught my eye on the last day of PAX Unplugged. It looked beautiful but I knew nothing about it. Researched it later and found out it was based off an England chilidhood book series. Haven't gotten it to the table yet but looking forward to when I do (hopefully this weekend). Ill update on the glad?/sad? after I play.

Supporter19 months ago

I don't know that it'd be considered weird but I did get Tripoley Deluxe Mat Edition Card Game as a gift. It's just plastic poker chips with a deck of cards and felt in a box. It has instructions for how to play poker, hearts, and some other game I don't remember.

19 months ago

OMG...I used to own Triopoloy the board game back in the day...lol