What would you be willing to do if it meant your spouse, significant other, a close friend or family will play games with you?


Weird title, but just wanted to share something quick (and ask a question)!

My wife knows me too well. I'm someone who is TERRIBLE at maintaining my health. Exercising got thrown out the window after my high school/college days, I have horrible posture and have neck pains, and I'm very stubborn and lazy when it comes to visiting the doctor/therapist/taking advantage of insurance benefits. Well.... turns out that all it takes is a board game.

Gaming has been tough lately because Anna (my wife) has been either busy or just wanting to do something less involved (and she doesn't enjoy light games either and favors the midweight ones). I think we've been playing maybe twice a month at most, and #Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated has been waiting in the shelf for more than two weeks now too. A couple of days ago, she was trying to encourage me to take better care of my body, and was pushing me to visit a chiropractor, get my eyes checked, and get new glasses (I've been wearing mine for about 3-4 years now). Knowing how I am, she said, "Every time you take care of your body, I'll play a game with you!" She also added that she feels bad that I'm always catering to what she feels like doing whenever we have free time together. How did I react? I'm also terrible at lying and was trying my best to contain the smile and thinking to myself, "That's such a sweet deal! O_O"

I'm a simple man... I just really like sharing something I enjoy with my wife haha (and she likes gaming too, it's just really hard when you're out of battery by the end of the day from taking care of a 2 year old). So really, she's just helping me help myself, but I wanted to ask: What would you be willing to do to get that time with a person who's close to you? Which game would you love to bring out for that time?

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12 months ago

I have been thinking about how I spend my time recently, and I think when I am busy/feeling like there is a lot to do, I often spend 'free moments' (2-10 minute chunks) checking my phone/youtube/little game apps etc. and how in reality those little chunks add up to a whole bunch of time. So my plan, is to try and cut down on those procrastination moments or just dead time and instead try to get little tasks done to free up bigger chunks of time for my spouse and I. Some of those chunks may end up being game related (although that hasn't been the thrust of my thinking) but just seemed relevant to the topic.

Thanks for sharing Phil, it is no easy thing to do always and I admire you for doing so!

Supporter12 months ago

At times I might trade a session of yoga with my partner for a gaming session. I do like doing yoga, but I do get lazy a lot heh.

Partner12 months ago

I don't want to be snarky, but I married the person I want to play games with the rest of my life... I dated for a long time before her, and found that most people don't enjoy all different types of games like I do... I had to find someone who does... and that has made all the difference... (it wasn't the only prerequisite)

12 months ago

It gets harder and harder to get games played with just the two of us.  We would get some played in the past but now that we also have a 2 year old, and two older kids, there is just no way to get a game in spontaneously.  There is a new job in the mix, witch in theory will help out quite a bit because it should be considerably less stressfull, so fingers are crossed. 

Supporter12 months ago

More like... what wouldn’t I do...

I like how considerate your wife is being with this deal. Good for her!

Premium User12 months ago

I'd change a diaper or two.  That seems a fair trade for a game now and then.

Premium User12 months ago

Ha, that is awesome! A win-win! Your body will feel better, AND you get to play games! Working out a little bit now will really help in the long term.

12 months ago

If I were in your situation I would jump all over that! Workout, do all the doctors/chiropractors appointment etc! Like you said it helps you and your family long term and it helps your short term by getting some games in!

I absolutely hate dusting...I would dust to play more games lol. 

Premium User12 months ago

In terms of household chores, I think my least favorite is folding laundry. It's not too bad if you put a movie on or something, but I'd definitely look forward to it more if I knew I'd be able to play a game afterward!

12 months ago

I never fold laundry without a show on in the background lol.