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I see already discovered it and I have to be a shill for myself and self promote my BGG list I posted last night. 

Here's a link to the list for those who are interested.

Not a whole lot has changed from last year to now, save for 9 games falling off my top 25 entirely. I'm also not as big on new to me games as I was last year so that's some personal growth? Maybe? Also of note, I refer to Sarah as my wife not because we're officially married yet, but it just being easier and a month away from being truthful lol.

Anyway feel free to check it out (or not) and let me know what you think!

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Moderator Level 15 days ago

Great read, and thanks for posting!

I haven't played 4/5ths of your list. And as to encourage people to go read your list, I'm only going to list numbers here.

I'm interested in playing your # 23, 15, 12, 4

I really enjoy playing your # 22, 13, 3 (now playing it on the other BGA and adding it to my wish list), 2, and 1!

Premium User4 days ago

Already putting it on your wishlist?! Awesome!!

Premium User5 days ago

Thanks for sharing! We have very little overlap lol. I do think that I would enjoy many of those games but I've only played a few of them!

Premium User5 days ago

If you only lived closer haha. I clearly need people to play a few of them with me. :P

Premium User5 days ago

Well it's looking like I'll be moving east soon, so we'll at least be a little closer lol. North Carolina

Premium User5 days ago

Oh really? What part? Sarah's grandparents live in Raleigh and her parents are trying to relocate there too. We'll eventually make it down there sometime...maybe like 5 years or so..

Premium User5 days ago