Paladins vs Architects vs Viscounts vs Raiders of the directional Kingdom (Which is Better?)

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All of these are great games and I almost included #Raiders of Scythia.  They each have their unique twist for sure. #Architects of the West Kingdom is the game that led me to trade away #Stone Age as it struck me as a better version. #Raiders of the North Sea uses the raiding action to gain upgraded worker options and resources to work toward higher point raids. #Paladins of the West Kingdom employs a persoal worker placement board with a few social options to build the kingdom through various developmental options. #Viscounts of the West Kingdom uses a rondel system driven to some degree by a deck-building mechanic that work together (when used well). 

So what is you are choosing between these games? Which one is the best overall?  

As with most things in life the choice probably comes down to the nuances of preference.  I like #Paladins of the West Kingdom over the others (though I enjoy them all) as the self-developing worker action board suits my nature a bit more than the completely social board of #Architects of the West Kingdom. #Raiders of the North Sea and #Raiders of Scythia are more agressive and when I am in the right mood I enjoy these but they are lower on my list. #Viscounts of the West Kingdom I think will end up just under #Paladins of the West Kingdom once I have the game in hand.  I played this one a few times on Tabletopia and once I got the ins and outs figured out I enjoyed the game quite a bit.  #Viscounts of the West Kingdom seems to have a tad more player interaction than #Paladins of the West Kingdom but generally not aggressive in nature. 

Hopefully my brief dscriptions are enough context to work from if you haven't played the games.  All of them are fun.  I only have two on my shelf but once I have three or so I can see the decision getting tougher when trying to decide what to bring to the table among this game series. 

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I wonder how much you guys would like #The Gallerist?  Only four action spaces...lots of things to trigger though.  I am curious what you think of the #Paladins of the West Kingdom solo experience after you try it.  Now that I've played it several times, I find setup to be relatively quick as compared to the first time I played.

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I've only played #Architects of the West Kingdom and am hoping to get to #Paladins of the West Kingdom this week. I THINK this is how I'd feel, based on everything I know from my "research" (each of these games have been on my radar for an acquisition at least at some point in the last months haha)

Solo: #Architects of the West Kingdom or #Viscounts of the West Kingdom. Haven't tried Paladins yet but I'm intimidated by the sprawled out boards, cards, and everything else. I prefer games with relatively low setup time so at first glance, I don't think Paladins will come out that often. Also, #Raiders of the North Sea also requires the random seeding of the resources. Doesn't seem too bad though. But more than the negatives, I really like the solo mode of Architects. Helena AI is challenging to play against, the pacing of the gameplay works well for solo, the virtue track adds a nice bonus to the puzzly decision making, and involves only a limited number of components. Viscounts also seems promising and I'll be checking out a playthrough video at some point.

2p with my wife: I think I'd give this to either #Raiders of the North Sea or #Viscounts of the West Kingdom. I like the simple brilliance of placing or taking off a worker. We typically like games with one strong hook for a mechanic, and I feel like Raiders has that. Viscounts might work for us too but I honestly don't know too much about it. I am very interested in having a great game with a rondel though

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