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Two handed competative play.


This is the OG method for solo play. And we have probably all done this growing up, I personally played a lot of monopoly controlling 2 or more players. However, this method of soloing games is not limited to kids with old monopoly sets.

There is a very interesting subset of the hobby game market which focuses on playing wargames. Wargames are a strange and unwieldy bunch of games. They are generally very very heavy, and very very long. It is not at all unusual to find wargames that have gameplay time numbered in thousands of minutes.As one can imagine, it can be hard to find a group of players with enough time to play a game like #Europa Universalis, #Empires in Arms, or #World in Flames Collector's Edition Deluxe. So, many wargamers have resorted to playing these games multihanded solo.

Euro and Ameritrash games are not the only game hybrids happening in the hobby space in these golden days of gaming. Euro and war games are also hybridizing and giving us games such as the COIN games as well as a lot of lighter fare. As these parts of the hobby have blended more, there are more and more people crossing over from one style of gameing to the other.

With this being the case, I am seeing more and more people arguing that one should merely play multiplayer games solo, multihanded. So, do you think that you could do such a thing for any reason other than learning the game?

As for me, I think I could do it with assymetrical factions. If the factions are assymetrical enough I could see a situation in which I could play like that, for fun, and just try to make the best, and most faction specific choices that I could. But, it would be hard for me see myself playing a average Euro game in such a way.

So, have you ever played hobby games like this for fun? Do you ever see  yourself playing in this way in the future? Is there a specific game or type of game that you think you might enjoy doing this with?

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4 months ago

I've never done it, and personally I wouldn't do it except to learn the game so I can teach it well. I tried playing chess a few times like this as a kid and just found it boring.

Supporter4 months ago

I sorta imagine that is where most of us will be.

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