What games do you like to bling/upgrade or plan to upgrade?

I'm a sucker for upgrading my games.  I love metal coins and heavy pieces!  Scythe may be my most upgraded game as I have all the metal coins and all the upgraded resources.  I am thinking about getting the metal mechs but they are pretty expensive.  I also have the giant box that fits all the Scythe expansions.  I pretty much nerded out on that one.

I finally traded for the Exosuit Commander Pack for Anachrony.  This one is expensive but having played the game several times now the exosuits are SO much better for the game than the cardboard exosuits.  

I hope to get the bird nest egg holder for wingspan and the upgraded wingspan food tokens.  We play that game quite a bit.  The problem I will inevitably have at that point is fitting it in the box.

We are only about 4-5 scenarios into our five player Gloomhaven campaign and I am considering surprising the guys with Gloomhaven 3D upgrades.  I like the idea or the 3D aspect it will add to the board.

I have the Collectors version of Everdell with the nice resource pieces and they are awesome (one of my favorite game component upgrades).  I'm hoping to get the nice coins for Dinosaur Island as I was not able to get the deluxe version when it came out.  

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Supporter3 months ago

If I had the extra cash I'd definitely do in order

#Clans of Caledonia - Metal Coins, #Scythe Metal Coins, Viticulture - Metal Coins, Pax Pamir II (when I get it) - Metal Coins, Clans of Caledonia - Realistic Resources, Scythe - Realistic Resources

3 months ago

Metal coins are the best!

3 months ago

I have a couple upgrades in mind, just have not have the means or the motivation yet!

#Kingdomino : I would love 3d printed versions of the castles used to signify your starting tile.

#Aeon's End: Legacy : I am thinking about getting some red 10-sided dice to replace the little health tokens

#The Quacks of Quedlinburg : geekup bits...duh

#Too Many Bones : After one play through of this I am convinced it would be worth buying the premium health chips lol

3 months ago

I went in for the exosuits for Anachrony from the beginning and am definitely happy I did.  It feels very saftisfying tactically to play it with them, very fun.

I've done some other functional upgrades like getting a bunch of the small Zen-bin trays for Robinson Crusoe, Anachrony, and Comanauts, card-sleeving Res Arcana, and pre-ordering an insert for Xia and its expansions to aid in setup for it.  Outside of those things, I haven't really upgraded anything, and I'm not sure what else I'd be considering to upgrade other than the geek-up bits for Robinson Crusoe and Wingspan, but I don't think the cost is worth it to me.  If they were more around $10, it'd be easier to jump in for them, but $25 or $30 seems too much to me.  That's a good way to a whole other game.

3 months ago

The 3D printer does help quite a bit with storage.

3 months ago

I just ordered different dinosaur shapes for #Dinosaur Island.  The plain ones work but I'm looking forward to having a park full of differnt ones ;)  I did buy some storage items for #Gloomhaven  that I got from Hobby Lobby or similar store that I consider essential to playing that game on any sort of regular schedule (I did about 110 plays in just over a year).  Having all of the monsters sorted and ready to play really speed up set up and tear down of the game.  Otherwise, I haven't done any other upgrades. 

I have considered buying a 3D printer though so I can start to make my own upgrades.  Maybe for Christmas this year.

3 months ago

I enjoy blinging some of my games. I varnished a bunch of cocoa beans for Teothuacan and made a burlap bag for them. I have a small wooden chest with my assortment of resources and coins for whichever games needs them. I also will paint the mini's to games i'm playing. Most recently painted characters for Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion. I am eagerly waiting for the new Anachrony Kickstarter lot of upgrades bits. Oh boy these Anachrony upgrades are going to be the best, metal resource cubes and a neat power cell. The exosuits is a standard for me, a must. I also put together a nice aged, wooden storage solution case for Arkham Horror: LCG and printed fan made envelopes for each scenario. Made my Arkham life much easier. I really enjoy finding ways to bling my games. It makes my collecting these boxes of cardboard more meaningful. Currently I'm looking into cutting granite and limestone into small pieces for the upcoming Tekhenu. 

3 months ago

I need you to move into the house for sale across the street from me!  I haven't gotten into the painting (time + expense + too many other hobbies) but need a friend who wants minis to paint.  Those Anachrony upgrades sound excellent!

Supporter11 months ago

I do like to bling my games but I've only done it sparingly. I've always thought it would be great to have a small-ish collection of highly blinged games instead of a bunch of ones that I'm not able to play often. 

Supporter11 months ago

The only “upgrade” I’ve done has been an insert for Clans of Caledonia (which I felt was borderline necessary for setting up and tearing down to get the game out more).  I love the idea of blinging games but that’s just money that can go to other games.  I really only consider extra stuff if I think it will greatly increase the enjoyment of the game.  So far I haven’t found anything that I need to have.

Premium User11 months ago

I am a prolific blinger. :) 

Currently, I am 3d printing special buildings for Scythe. I am also working on some different vehicles for Thunder Road. The last 3d print I am going to do (next month probably) is 3d printed trays for roll for the galaxy.

I am still painting RPG minis (did about 60 this week), but will be getting to stuffed fables at some point.

11 months ago

I bought real buttons for Patchwork. They look great with the game, and they weren’t terribly expensive. That’s the only game I’ve blinged. 

Supporter11 months ago

I don’t have any upgraded game components. 

11 months ago

I’m kind of cheap when it comes to upgrading because I would rather spend money on more games, but I think it would be fun to get metal coins for Sheriff of Nottingham! It would be fun throwing them around and would be great for the theme!

I also have the first version of Agricola so it would be nice to have prices that are shaped accordingly instead of cubes and circles haha 

Owner11 months ago

I've yet to upgrade any of my games but the likely candidates are the metal coins and inserts for Viticulture and food token upgrades for Wingspan. I might even consider overlays for Azul for easier placement of the tiles.

Supporter11 months ago

I donn't really upgrade many games. I have poker chips up sub in some games for coins and that sort of thing. But I have never upgraded a specific game. 

11 months ago

Same. It’s hard to spend “new game money” on upgrades!

Supporter11 months ago

Yes, that is usually my issue. 

Supporter11 months ago

I was not able to get the collector's edition to Everdell, so I bought some twig upgrades from Etsy that I am happy with. The original twigs were horrible. Everything else in that game I already love so the only other thing I have for Everdell was card sleeves.

For Scythe I did buy the metal coins. I don't think I am going to get the upgraded resources for it although I would like to upgrade the encounter tokens so they are more visible. I still need to get a couple of expansions for the game, but otherwise I think I am good on Scythe.

Regarding Wingspan I would like to upgrade the action tokens, there are quite a few to choose from, and then I think I will eventually upgrade the food tokens to something better.

I definitely agree with you on the Anachrony upgrade to the Exosuit Commander Pack. If I had that game I would definitely get that.

I think the only other game I have upgraded is Clans of Caledonia. I bought the box insert and it came with the acrylic overlays for each player board and eventually I would like to get the metal coins for this I believe. 

I don't have any plans to upgrade any other games that I own right now.

I tend to upgrade components that I feel would help add to the overall game experience, at least for me. It definitely can eat into my gaming budget. So it's a tough choice sometimes but also why I don't have has many upgrades to some games because I would rather spend it on a new game. It usually takes me a couple of plays to realize if the game will fall into my "Yes I want to upgrade this game and geek it out" or "No, I am okay with how this is now."  If I geek out a game it is definitely one that will be staying in my collection for a long time.

11 months ago

If you don't already have the encounter cards expansion for Scythe I highly recommend them.  They add VERY different encounters and a bit more chaos into the gameplay.  

Supporter11 months ago

Ahh yes! I did get those. I forgot to mention that. I do like what they add to the game. I got those before upgrading the money.

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