BGA Feature #86 New Game Pages!


I've been working most of this week on improving the look and feel of the game pages and it's now live! Take a look and let me know what you think of the changes!

I also improved the page loading experience and added in a game mentions feed as well!

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Supporter8 months ago

one thing I noticed is the image gallery with the main image being displayed is very small both on mobile and desktop. I think the gallery popup takes about 1/3 of the screen. 

I was also thinking of a suggestion, would it be possible for image uploads on posts to have an extra field to link the image to a game? That way if I make a post linked to say Quacks of Quedlingburg with images of a playthrough, those images might appear on the Quacks game page gallery. I believe this might increase the amount of images on game pages significantly.

Owner8 months ago

That's a brilliant idea.

Owner8 months ago

Also, I fixed the 1/3 size of the game images.

Supporter8 months ago

perfect, thank you!

8 months ago

That's looking good!

Premium User8 months ago

I'm liking it! So far it seems easier to read. This is another time when it would be helpful to have a before and after photo, since I can't quite remember how it looked before. :)  But yeah it seems less scattered to me.

One thing I'm having trouble finding: how to link an expansion to a base game. Is this still there and I'm blind, or did it get lost in the shuffle?

Owner8 months ago

I added it to the game's edit page. It seemed like a better spot since that's where we go to make changes to the page.

Premium User8 months ago

ah, I see it. Thanks!

Supporter8 months ago

Overall, very good. 

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