Got some time to kill? Here's 9 hours of SUSD playing TI4!

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FirstJohn318 16 months ago | 2 points[-]

Played TI4 in January and took this picture...i was just attempting to take a picture of my new table and my new TI board so this picture is candid but it looks like someone is about to go in for the kill.

Mecatol 4ever!!!

FirstJohn318 16 months ago | 2 points[-]

Posted the wrong link...let’s see if this works

Skyw3rd 16 months ago | 1 point[-]

Nice table. You can tell from the picture that somethings hitting the fan!

FirstJohn318 16 months ago | 1 point[-]

Thanks It is the Duchess from kickstarter.

Skyw3rd 16 months ago | 2 points[-]

I'd love to have a tag that is also "playthrough" or "gameplay", but humor fits this nicely.

This also includes NPI, which is another acronym that should be added to the title.

trentellingsen Supporter16 months ago | 2 points[-]

What's NPI?

Skyw3rd 16 months ago | 1 point[-]

No Pun Included. Out of the two, my preferred UK based reviewers but they're all delightful.

trentellingsen Supporter16 months ago | 1 point[-]

Oh yeah! Gotcha. I've added the two flair that you suggested by the way. I think there's merit to having both :)

JamesReid860 Supporter6 months ago | 1 point[-]

This was pretty fun to watch. I saw some when they had it live

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