Gloomhaven: Jaws Of The Lion Playthrough - Scenario #1

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10 months ago

NIce! Doing some playthroughs now!

Owner10 months ago

He was having way too much fun editing this one lol

Do you think we have enough Gloomhaven content by now? xD

Supporter10 months ago

Nope. Needs more. 

10 months ago

I just started to realize as I was watching he added those sound affects when drawing cards! HA! That is funny!

10 months ago

Nooooo never! I know how much it draws people to the site and the youtube channel so it is smart!

10 months ago

Clearly by my comments I spent time watching this this morning...

Name suggestions:

Demolitionist = King Bumi (Currently watching Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Hatchet = Gherman the Hunter (I love Bloodborne the videogame...this character gives off strong BB vibes)

10 months ago

I watched the Watch it Played rules explanation and I remember him saying you can move through allies but not enemies? I am pretty sure that is the case!

10 months ago

Just saw some of the youtube comments and you acknowledged this :) 

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