Fun, but long

I played this game for the 2nd time last night. I feel like it's a good game, but at the same time, it just takes too much time. It's says it's not coop, but then you feel like your constantly talking cooperatively. I feel that playing it as a coop might be the best option as then you are helping each other survive anyways. Maybe next time.

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24 months ago

I had to look this one up on BGG and it does sound interesting. The description mentioned that there are no fixed teams, and that players can work cooperatively or backstab each other as they see fit. Sounds like a post-apocalyptic world, all right haha I could see where politicking could come in handy here. I'm also curious to know how long it took to play.

Owner24 months ago

Never heard of this one before but the theme sounds interesting to me. In general, I get easily fascinated by post-apocalyptic themes haha. How long did it end up taking?

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