What are your favorite things about this website?

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Hey I just found this site and I want to learn what people like about it.

Why do you like this site, and what do you use it for?

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Moderator Level 13 days ago

Others have already hit on my main reasons for being here and not on BGG:

The community here is SOOOOOOOOO much friendlier, here you can actually say you don't like a game and you won't get piled on for doing so. It's nice because you can actually discuss the pros and cons of a game.

No socio-political discussion is allowed here; there are other places for that, and it just breeds hostility.  

The price tools have saved me money on many purchases. Important when you have a board game addiction on a limited budget.


Premium User4 days ago

My favourite thing about this site is the community.   It is overall very positive and supportive.  I started actually writing and posting articles here because it felt comfortable to do so.  

I use this site to talk about board games with fellow gamers.  There is no trolling and the discussions are kept to board games.  I think that is both due to the sites rules but also the core members have worked hard to keep things that way.  

Board game geek has more files and information, it will be a while before any other site can come close, but if I want to actually talk to people Board game arena is where I come.

Moderator Level 14 days ago

The price links/comparisons and price alerts are pretty nice. You can choose a game and set an alert for whatever price you want. You can also create a list of games (e.g. Wishlist) and set price alerts for the entire list.

I enjoy the forums as well. It's a pretty small community but very friendly, which is nice.

The giveaways database is pretty cool too: Board Game Giveaways | Board Game Atlas

4 days ago


- Top of the list is the pragmatic decision to keep discussion on board games, excluding socio-politics. It makes it a friendly place where typically the only posts removed, are those of spammers

- The games database is solid and the site offers up competitions to encourage people to add to this. It's easy to maintain your games inventory here

- In general the interface is modern, with some very good features such as typing # followed by part of a game, and it does a lookup in the database to allow you to select the right game. A little thing, but an elegant modern design

Although the traffic to the site is currently low, I do encourage others to join and do expect it to grow over time.