BGA Hacks: What new app, website, or tool do you want in Board Gaming?

Help out everyone who's creating something for BGA Hacks and share what kind of app, website, or tool you think would be amazing to have as a board gamer!

An example would be an app that merges your list of games with your friend's to help pick a game for game night. What ideas do you have?

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thFOOL 2 months ago | 4 points

A mobile app that allows me to add to my game collection by scanning the upc code on the box

trentellingsen 2 months ago | 2 points

I really want that too. I think there's a lot of libraries that exist which could do it.

Gekey 2 months ago | 2 points

Is this information we are currently storing with each game?

trentellingsen 2 months ago | 1 point

Not yet. GS-1 is a site where most people register to get their barcodes though. I wonder if they have some of API that could be connected.

PeaceLoveGames 2 months ago | 4 points

Something that can log plays and tag other players. 

A way to take a list of games (say someone made a list of educational games or their top 20 or whatever), save it, and check off ones you own. Better yet, have it automatically check the ones you own off (or make them a different color/faded out).

trentellingsen 2 months ago | 3 points

That sounds like a great idea. You can see the differences at a glance.

philryuh 2 months ago | 3 points

Just sharing some random ideas in my head. Not sure if any of these already exist in one form or another:
  • I would benefit from a giant rulebook that contains rule clarifications for all games.
  • A way to share play logs, owned games, wishlists, etc. on your blog/website/social media
  • A "Tinder-like" app that eventually finds a match for a board game you might love to play based on its game description, mechanic, categories, etc.
  • Game recommendation based on a board game group's list of owned games, preferred weight, mechanic, number of players, co-op or not, etc.

philryuh 2 months ago | 3 points

A way for a gaming group to maintain a collective list of games that can be edited by members of that group only:

  • Group's owned games can be filtered according to (1) popularity among board game communities, (2) best rating among the members, (3) by mechanics/categories, (4) playtime, etc.
  • Track win rates of each player for each game and maybe even which faction (if applicable)
  • Voting system for games to play on the next night, what the next game purchase should be, etc.
  • A way to "chip in" to collectively buy a game? or to gift a game?

RollOuttaBed 2 months ago | 3 points

A board game deals list would be cool since you've got so many stores connected.

trentellingsen 2 months ago | 3 points

2 Ideas I'd like to see are

  • Chrome price comparison extension that checks if there's a better price when you go to amazon
  • A deal bot that shows historic low prices and sales for popular games.

philryuh 2 months ago | 2 points

I'm spamming at this point but: a virtual shelf that organizes your owned games (or any additional games you're looking out for) using the box dimensions. Have suggestions for organizing based on categories, mechanics, publisher, etc. Maybe also have a visual indicator showing which games in your collection aren't played as often based on play log so that you can consider trading/selling them off

rockstar 2 months ago | 2 points

I said this already in the first post, but I'd love a discord bot to be able to just link to a game.