Do You Have An Inventory System (The Poll)

Yes!(8 votes) 62%
Yes...but I rarely update(4 votes) 31%
No(1 vote) 8%

13 votes

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16 months ago

For the system, I just use BGAs lists. Since I started using this site I kinda stopped looking at my lists on BGG 

Supporter16 months ago

It’s really only been within the last 1.5 years or so that my collection has grown to the point where I need some kind of inventory system. Currently I’m just using the “owned” list here on BGA. And it’s working so far, although I think I need to update it...

Supporter16 months ago

I don't have that many games. But I do have a spreadsheet where I keep track of various things. I am in a similar situation as you where location is a important detail. 

I have some games at my house in Kansas. These are games I have bought or received in trade and are waiting for a ride down here. 

I have a few games at my brother in laws house. Actually Scythe, my number 1 game of all time, is there at the moment. Last time I flew up there I took it up nevar I knew I could get a 5 player game of it, and didn't have space to bring it back down. It will be coming back down with me on my next trip. Most of these games that are hobby games that I don't really want to get rid of, but don't really want to drag down here. And, I'm happy to let him play with them. When I lived in the states we basically had a  shared collection anyway. 

Lastly, I have a number, maybe 25 or 30, games in climate controlled storage. These are mostly mass market games that I actually enjoy. Also a bunch of generic tokens I will use in print and plays etc.... Also, many of these are actually my wife's games. I don't count them in my collection per se. But, I do catalog them nonetheless. 

The games in my collection here on BGA are mostly games I have here or that are coming here. 

Supporter16 months ago

Who takes care of your house in Kansas while you are away?

Supporter16 months ago

A good friend of mine is renting it. It is a mutually beneficial situation. 

Premium User16 months ago

I keep an excel file that is sortable and that I update when I get a new game so when folks come over and look through the game list they can see what games I like most and read a brief description on each game.

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