Which Gearloc should I play as First??

Picket - Tank Mode(0 votes) 0%
Boomer - Explosives(2 votes) 40%
Tantrum - Throwing Axes(1 vote) 20%
Patches - Healer(2 votes) 40%

5 votes

I posted in another thread that I finally got my copy of #Too Many Bones and I am pumped! I am planning a solo play through either tonight or tomorrow night, but since the graciousness of BGA afforded me the opportunity to even own this game I wanted to put it to a poll to see which Gearloc you all wanted me to try out first! I know how they all play for the most part, so let me know what you think!

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Supporter3 months ago

I picked Boomer, but, truly, just in terms of name.... I like Picket the best.

3 months ago

Lol, Picket does have a pretty clever name! The others are fairly obvious!

Supporter3 months ago


Supporter3 months ago

I voted for Boomer just cause :D

How does Patches fight as a Healer?

3 months ago

lol Boomer is cool! you have to make your own bombs which I think is super creative!

Patches can use just standard Attack dice, but they also have some brutal medically based attacks like Bone Saw...kinda coo!

Supporter3 months ago

Ohhh as in somewhat like chemical warfare?

I hope your first session goes well! Hope you don't die too early on xD

3 months ago

I think they do have a die that does have a poison effect which does 2 true damage at the beginning of the enemies turn. It is pretty nice. 

I am fully expecting to get knocked out lol. Which is ok! You just loose any active and locked dice, not the end of the campaign!