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TCbH’s Off The Table - Feb 19, 2019 - Your Weekly Tabletop Gaming News In Under 10 Minutes

Off The Table - Feb 19, 2019

Got a whole bunch of topics today, but the main questions I have for everyone are:

- What are your feelings about Keyforge Age of Ascension? Do you worry that it will make your old cards obsolete and if it isn’t more powerful, do you have an urge to get it since it won’t “integrate” with your existing cards?

- What are your favorite games to play with your partner, and are there personal victories that you or your partner have that you know denying them will bring down Fire & Blood?

Here are the shownotes, as always the timestamps ate hyper linked in the actual video description:


00:08 - New Study finds that playing games is good for couples

00:47 - Weird Giraffe Games cancels Big Easy Busking

01:45 - FFG Announces Star Wars: Outer Rim, coming in Q2 2019

02:30 - FFG Announces Keyforge: Age of Assension Expansion

04:07 - Gamelyn announces Tiny Epic Tactics

04:57 - Leder Games announces Root: The Underworld launches March 14 


05:39 - Cardboard N’ Plastic Youtube Channel

---TCbH Announcements---

07:10 - TCbH’s Wingspan review is up. 

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trentellingsen Supporter16 months ago | 1 point[-]

I haven't played Keyforge yet and seeing the announcement of the expansion doesn't really get me excited to play. My initial reaction sounds pretty similar to yours where I'm going to fear that my deck will be obsolete. In MTG that's fine because I can buy new cards to add to the deck, but the whole selling point of Keyforge is supposed to be how I only need to buy a deck once and now can play in tournaments.

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