Boards and Brews Episode 1 now live!

This is the first episode in a new segment I am trying out!  Grab a brew, and listen to the Hungry Gamer and a different reviewer talk about games!

This episode features Mark of Not Bored Gaming, and we talk about getting into the hobby, kickstarter mistakes, #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion, and coconuts and bananas.

I am feeling this out, so I would love feedback.  There are also a couple audio only links in the video description as well.

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Owner3 months ago

OHH I thought Mark looked and sounded familiar. I watched his Tapestry solo review about a month ago and enjoyed it a lot. Great insights, well spoken, but just wished there could be some improvements on the production side of things.

This was a great first episode and I had it on listening in like a podcast while I prepared our newsletter :)

3 months ago

Thanks for watching.


On the production side what was the issue?  I know marks sound was not the best, but was it more than that?  Enough people seem to have enjoyed it that I will do another one for sure, and I wanna fix what is in my power to fix!

Owner3 months ago

I was actually saying that I thought Mark's Tapestry review could use a little bit of improvement on the production side of things.

As for this video, I thoroughly enjoyed it as a podcast while I was working so I didn't get to pay attention to the visuals haha

3 months ago



I get it!  Yeah we actually talked about that a bit off camera, in the early days it is crazy how much things change week to week as we figure out what the crap we are doing.