Your collection at a glance

I've really enjoyed the answers to this thread on BGG, so I thought I'd bring it over here.

Your collection at a glance. What is your:

  1. Highest weight game
  2. Lowest weight game
  3. Game you have spent the most money on
  4. Most beautiful game
  5. Favorite game
  6. Most played game

My answers:

Highest weight game
Scythe at 3.38

Lowest weight game
Nok-HockeySkittles, and 2 others tied at 1.0

Game you have spent the most money on
Smash Up with expansions

Most beautiful game
Dixit and expansions

Favorite game
Star Realms

Most played game
Star Realms with 1310 plays

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Supporter17 months ago

This is a great idea! Thanks for posting. 

Ok: After checking BGG, here are my results!

Heaviest game: Spirit Island (3.94)

Lightest game: Rhino Hero (1.03)

Game I have spent the most money on: Star Wars: Imperial Assault - no question! Those expansions and ally and villain packs really add up.

Most Beautiful game: Tie between Everdell and Empires of the Void 2

Favorite game: Star Wars: Rebellion

Most played game: Star Wars: Imperial Assault

Premium User17 months ago

  1. Highest weight game (Founder's of Gloomhaven 4.15)
  2. Lowest weight game (Rock Paper Scissors .2)
  3. Game you have spent the most money on (Scythe I think, All expansions and storage)
  4. Most beautiful game (I'd call it a tie between Wingspan, Tapestry, and Bosk)
  5. Favorite game (Tie between Wingspan & Gloomhaven)
  6. Most played game (Gloomhaven, hands down)

17 months ago

1. Highest weight: Spirit Island

2. Lowest weight: Sushi Go!

3. Spent most money: Android: Netrunner, so many data packs to get and I still don't have them all

4. Most beautiful: hard to argue against Spirit Island

5. Favorite: in my collection, Android: Netrunner although Gaia Project might give it a run for it's money if I owned it.

6. Most played: Roll for the Galaxy (40 plays recorded, though there may be a touch more than that). Nearly half of these have been 2 player against my brother in a single weekend. We were knocking out games in 15 minutes.

Supporter17 months ago

Highest weight game: Clans of Caledonia (3.43)

Lowest weight game: Smile (1.17)

Game I spent the most money on: Scythe (Everdell if you included money spent on expansions)

Most beautiful game: Everdell

Favorite game: Everdell

Most played game: Everdell

Owner17 months ago

I always like these types of posts :)

I don't own a lot of games so I counted in some of the games I co-own with @trentellingsen for BGA (I might have counted in games that are owned by you Trent since I don't remember which ones we co-own lol)

  • Highest weight - Pax Pamir 2e at 3.83
  • Lowest weight - Just One at 1.08
  • Game you have spent the most money on - Viticulture (Tuscany and other expansions to be purchased soon)
  • Most beautiful game - Hmmm I'm split between Azul and Viticulture (they're photogenic in different ways)
  • Favorite game - Viticulture
  • Most played - Just One

Supporter17 months ago

Maybe I need to seriously consider Viticulture if I ever win the contest again. 

Owner17 months ago

It ended up working out that way haha--I'd definitely give the "most beautiful game" to PARKS if I thought about the games between me and Trent. Viticulture still looks fantastic in pictures though. It also gets huge credit for just being the game to draw my wife in :)

Partner17 months ago

Agra at 4.38, Antiquity at 4.31. The one I spent the most money on is Antiquity, in between reprints.

Monopoly Deal Card Game 194 (used to play it at lunch with a coworker)

Yahtzee 185 (but we've played many more before and since and usually don't bother logging)

Magnate 145

Utopian Rummy 128

Ra: The Dice Game 119

Agricola 96

Piraten Kapern 95

I've also played a bunch of Star Realms, Keltis Das Orakle, and Ganz Schon Clever on my phone that I didn't log.

Supporter17 months ago

I like this post. 

1: Star Trek: Frontiers 4:28

2: Farkle 1.0. Spot it was a close second with 1.03.

3: Scythe. I think I paid between 65 and 70 dollars for it. 

4: definitely subjective... But... I say Scythe. 

5: Scythe

6: Dominion. Use to log plays and got over 150 in a span of about 6 month. Then stopped logging for two years. I imagine I'm up to 250 plays of it. That number is a chunk higher if you throw in intrigue. 

Supporter17 months ago

Chris, I never knew until within the last couple of days that you were such a fan of Scythe!

Supporter17 months ago

I last went to the states in May. I took Scythe with me because I knew I could get in a 5 player game of it up there. BUT then on the return trip I didn't have room for it. So it is still there. We have had a bunch of company visiting us from the states, and I expected that I would only be separated for several months. But, for one reason or other it hasnt worked to bring it down yet. I am tentatively planning on going back up in March for my sister's wedding. And am planning on working pretty hard to get it down here on that trip. 

But the long story is that I really haven't been able to play it much the last number of months. So, I haven't been talking about it as much. 

Supporter17 months ago

That makes sense!

Supporter17 months ago

It is actually a complaint I have. I think that every "big" board game should come in a ticket to ride size box. Just make it as thick at you need to store everything. The physical size of the scythe box makes it harder to transport. 

17 months ago

I definitely think that box could be made smaller. Jamey just went overboard, as he usually does, with inserts for the minis.

Supporter17 months ago

I accidently deleted my comment.

I was just saying that if Jamey would have made his inserts a different size/shape he could have made a square box. I would have loved that.

Supporter17 months ago

I actually had to toss all the inserts so I could combine all the expansions into the main box. It fits quite nicely!

Supporter17 months ago

That bumps my interest in the expansions. You got everything in the main box? How? Did you use baggies? Did you buy a organizer? Is it all in a jumble at the bottom of the box? 

Supporter17 months ago

I don’t work this morning so I’ll make a post about how I organized it. 

Supporter17 months ago


Supporter17 months ago

I posted it as an article. I’m not sure where it went after I posted it. 

Supporter17 months ago

I found it. 


Comment deleted.

17 months ago

Highest weight game
Mysthea at 3.54

Lowest weight game
Several kids games tied at 1.0

Game you have spent the most money on
Stand alone - Tapesty. Including Expansions - 7 Wonders

Most beautiful game
PARKS and Spirits of the Forest

Favorite game
Castles of Burgundy

Most played game
Ganz Shon Clever  - 56

17 months ago

Highest Weight

Feudum - 4.55

Lowest Weight

Sushi Go! - 1.16

Game I've Spent the Most On

Scythe - I have everything for this game besides the metal mechs, and I will probably end up with a full set of those at some point as well.

Most Beautiful Game
Wife's Pick: PARKS

My Pick: Lisboa

Favorite Game

Wife's Pick: Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle

My Pick: Scythe - my tastes have shifted away from medium euros to heavier, more interactive fare, but this is the game that got me into the hobby, and I still love it. Every time I think something is going to dethrone it, I play it, and all those doubts are washed away. It's amazing.

Most Played Game

Scythe - I don't have an accurate count as I didn't start logging plays until last fall, but my wife and I easily have 100+ plays of this.

17 months ago

High Weight: Agricola?

lowest: Dragonwood

Cost: Ticket to ride

Beautiful: Quantum

Favorite: Arkham Horror the Card Game

most played: star realms

17 months ago

Highest weight game-Robinson Crusoe

Lowest weight game-Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective

Game you have spent the most money on- Solomon Kane (not rcvd it yet though)

Most beautiful game-Nemesis

Favorite game-This War of Mine

Most played game- Okko Chronicles

Premium User17 months ago

  1. Heaviest: Dune - 3.84 on BGG
  2. Lightest: Kingdomino - 1.21 (I'm not counting any party games, because that seems against the spirit of the question)
  3. Most money: Everdell + all 3 expansions
  4. Most beautiful: Everdell
  5. Favorite: depends on the day and the players. With my wife: Everdell. With my friends, Evolution: Climate or Dune.
  6. Most played: Century: Golem Edition

17 months ago

1310 plays is insane! This must be with the app? Do you play against someone or the AI bot?

For me:

  1. Highest weight game
    Empire of the Sun (4.2, but Wargame) and Bios Megafauna 2e (4.5). Both super tough to learn from the rulebook. Though BM2e is actually really simple to play once you internalize the rules.
  2. Lowest weight game
    Monikers! Fun, but the version I have is US pop culture that doesn't work well in Europe.
  3. Game you have spent the most money on
    Roads and boats 20th Anniversary. Very pure network building and resource conversion game.
  4. Most beautiful game
    Pax Pamir 2e.
  5. Favorite game
    Currently The Great Zimbabwe
  6. Most played game
    Pax Pamir 2e (~40 plays)

17 months ago

I do have the app and every play I've ever had has been on there. I've owned a physical copy that's never been played :p

I count all of my plays against live opponents. Any games against the AI are not included.

Supporter17 months ago

I've been thinking about bios megafuana 2. Is it in a small box like a lot of his games? 

How long does it take? 

17 months ago

It's the same size as porf, or about two genesis stuck together. Still quite small. From bgg:

Size: 12.60 x 6.30 x 2.36 inches or 32.0 x 16.0 x 6.0 cm

I've only played it solo so not sure about times. I'd guess you'd average around a ~3 hour game, though sometimes the game will end early if it goes into an ice age. Some people love it, but for me it's very much on the simulation side of things. You have a lot of choices, but even if you make good ones the game can wipe you out. The event cards have a really big impact, which is very true to the theme.